Friday, February 6, 2015


Missing: Baby boy. Goes by Lucas. Mother is desperately searching for him, after she found a toddler boy in his crib while getting him up from his latest nap.

No, but seriously... How did this happen? Wasn't this supposed to last longer than the hot second that it did? I mean, is it not okay to ask that they never, ever, ever grow up?


Or how about these little baby bugs from this time last year?

Nevertheless, here I am... Getting ready to document all things about my 15 month-old little boy these days. I'm a little rusty with the camera, since I hardly have time to pick it up anymore. Hopefully, I'll have time to do another post with both of them for Valentines Day again this year. :)

Height & Weight: This boy is the picture of health-- in terms of healthy eating and all that goes with that. He is tipping the scales at 28lbs, 11oz (93rd percentile), and measuring 32.5 inches (87th percentile -- tall like Daddy). His favorite foods are banana+avocado sandwich rolls, pasta with alfredo sauce, carrot souffle, and he will even drink the green smoothies that I make for him! He practically stole my kalicious smoothie right out of my hands in the checkout at Whole Foods the other day... and then had a little tantrum when we had to pass it off to the cashier for those extremely long and traumatic three seconds.

Sleep: We are still thinking about transitioning to one nap. He's not quite sure if he's ready to commit... I try very hard to keep him awake into the afternoon, but he's usually about to go out of his mind at 10am-- which means that I'm about to go out of my mind too. He will not go to bed any later than 7pm still, but he still sleeps for 12 hours through the night. The past week has been rough due to the arrival of his molars, but it usually doesn't warrant us going into his room at night. He will wake and fuss for a minute and then find his pacifier and blanket and soothe himself back to sleep fairly easily.

Lo and behold, this is his "Hey, Mom. Watch this!" look...
 ... and then he decides to walk up the wall behind him. Spidey-style. 
Never a dull moment.

Diet: He is getting more picky these days, but he's sticking with most of his healthy favorites. He is developing more of a sweet tooth, but I love that he enjoys a green smoothie as much as a cookie. He is not too big on fruit, except for bananas. He is more of a vegetable guy, which is great, but I do wish he were into the same fruit that Brynn loves-- grapes, apples, and pineapple. Brynn is not a vegetable lover at all, so the combination of the two makes for a produce-packed refrigerator. They both loooooove their yogurt, and we recently discovered belVita Bites (mixed berry), which were a big hit with both.

Clothes: Well, it's mostly 24 months or 2T stuff around here. Not much has changed.

My attempt to catch him "jumping" on the bed.
He likes to say "jump, jump, jump!" as he bobs his little head. Cutest thing ever.

.... and then this is what it looks like when I inform him that he will NOT be 
jumping off of the side of the bed from a standing position. Twice.

Death by drama. And it shall read on his tombstone, "Because my mom told me 'No'..."

Comparison to Big Sis:
Oh, 15 months. The age of independence. It's bittersweet.
B was 21 lbs, 4 oz. She was wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 shoes.
Lucas is wearing size 6 shoes. Ha!
B's vocabulary was a little more advanced, but I think Luc is really starting to catch up.
Lucas still only has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on bottom.

His favorite game during bedtime, because he knows he can make us laugh every time.
He is such a joker, like his daddy.

Luc's Likes: Cooking with Mommy or Daddy, climbing (he has managed to figure out how to climb up on the guest bed in the playroom via the Hope chest at the end. Uuuuuuggggghhhh.), possessing the remote control, watching the mowers, Little Einsteins, taking baths, his passy and blankie, being chased, playing in his Sissa's room, FaceTiming or talking on the phone with people, waving and yelling "Hi!" to every elderly person in the grocery store, pushing the buttons on the humidifier or the space heater- or any button that he can find, and banging his head on everything within 5 feet of him.

Dislikes: Being told No. Diaper changes.

Happy 15 months, sweet Luc.
We love all of the adventure you have brought to our lives...

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