Sunday, April 5, 2015


Our boy is 17 months old. I feel like I can't even look too far ahead with him, because I know his second birthday will be too close for comfort. He is growing up so fast. We won't get any stats on him until his 18 month appointment, but I'm quite sure he has surpassed the 30lb mark. We have affectionately started calling him "Bashy"-- short for "Basher"... It fits his personality quite nicely.

We had a pretty lazy Easter around here. They got to enjoy their baskets, and we all enjoyed our time together. Weekends have been so busy lately, so it was nice to have a day just to reflect on the meaning of Easter and all of our blessings. We also attempted a photo session, since it has been awhile... the cooperation we had is pretty evident in these shots. The only ones I didn't post are the ones of Lucas screaming and hitting at Brynn for hugging him too tight. Can't you feel the love?

the crooner || this boy could not be more like his daddy. he is constantly singing... if he hears a song, he tries to sing it. lately, he has the all of the faces to go along with it. below, you see "the crooner" look, which I've been trying to get on camera for weeks! I can't even handle those brows...

 blowing kisses to grammy and grandma janet!

our dancing beauty || Ballet is going well so far. She has two productions this year; a small one in April, and they are also doing Alice in Wonderland in June. I'm still trying to figure out what to expect for their big production, and I'm just praying that she has a great experience. :)
She will begin swimming lessons for the first time next week, and she is registered for VPK at her current preschool for this coming Fall. So, this girl has a lot going on lately! She is still the best big sister-- so selfless and helpful to her little brother. Her daddy and I are so proud of the sweet, extremely bright, and caring lady that she is becoming.

LUCAS UPDATES || Not much has really changed in the way of his eating and sleeping habits, so I will just update the milestones that I can manage to remember.

He now has 9 teeth, all but one of his molars. The last molar and his canines are well on their way, so things have been fairly traumatic around here lately. Lots of pain and suffering.

He still isn't saying many words. He likes to mimic the sounds, but he isn't saying the actual words yet. We have been working on animal names and sounds, because he really enjoys it.

His favorite book is Little Blue Truck, which he is constantly reading. Favorite shows are Little Einsteins and Handy Manny (he watches TV in the car due to his motion sickness issues, since he is still rear-facing in his car seat). He loves to try and put on his own shoes. He will only eat when he has utensils- if he doesn't have them, he will "ask" for them, and by "ask", I mean grunt... He adores watching the planes fly over our house. He could sit out there all day and watch them fly by. He is getting really big into dump trucks, which I'm sure is just a gateway drug to the lot of the construction equipment phase. He loves to "count" to five with his sister... He pretty much does anything and everything that she does or wants him to do. He has figured out how to tackle her, and they both think it's hilarious for her to run from him and for him to tackle her like a linebacker! Yet another thing he gets from his daddy. :)
When I asked Allen what he wanted to remember about Lucas at this age, he said his "kick hugs"-- which I will admit are one of my favorite things too.

Happy 17 Months, Bashy!
We love you so much, sweet boy.

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