Thursday, January 1, 2015


I can hardly believe that our boy is growing as fast as he is. What a difference these last few months have made... His momma can hardly keep up anymore! Hence the reason there was no 13 month post.

 Catch Up | Lucas at 13 months.

 Such a big boy!
... and so much like his daddy, more in personality than looks ;)

Height & Weight: Not sure of stats right now, but he is currently coming up to his sister's shoulder blades--- and his sister is in the 76th percentile in height for HER age! He definitely got the Weinzapfel body length, so he has a 99.9% chance of being over 6 feet tall by his high school years. ;)

Sleep: Ever the fabulous sleeper-- He's still going about 12 hours every night. He is also still taking 2 naps every day, but he's starting to give one up.

Diet: Anything and everything. There isn't much this kid won't eat, which is fabulous because Brynn is on the picky side with her food. His favorites are banana'cado "sushi" or toast, pasta with alfredo sauce and shredded mozzarella, carrot souffle (Weelicious recipe is super easy), white bean mashed potatoes, and sauteed zucchini bites. He will eat ANYTHING with cheese on it.

Clothes: This boy is wearing 24 month and 2T stuff already... At 14 months old!! I certainly don't get too attached to clothing anymore because he has outgrown everything so quickly. Luckily, we know two adorable little boys in Ponte Vedra who will be glad to have lightly worn clothes. ;)

 ... that smile is not even fair!

Comparison to Big Sis:

 Honestly, there isn't much of a comparison anymore... They are just so different.
 Different builds, different personalities, different worlds.
B is as girly of a girl as you can get, while Lucas is ALL boy (although he does like to throw the occasional tiara on... Shhh! Don't tell.)  They do manage to get along fairly well, even though Brynn is quite bossy around here. Of course, Lucas has discovered that he can be as independent as he wants to be... They will butt heads over your typical sibling things- like sharing toys and invasion of personal spaces. Brynn is such a big helper and protector of her baby brother, though. There isn't much that goes on with him that I don't know about. She knows that he is, under no conditions, allowed to have small objects, eat paper or stickers of any kind, pull down decorations, or go into her room-- So, I will frequently hear, "Mooooommmm!! Lucas is (fill in offense requiring intervention)!"-- then I'll hear-- in the sweetest little maternal "baby-talk" voice that she does-- "No, No, Bubby. You just can't have this because you are too little right now." At which point, I know she takes it from him because I hear a blood-curdling scream. Haha. Siblings are so much fun!

Lucas' Likes: COOKING! This boy demands to be in the kitchen if there is anything on the stove or being prepared. He loves his kitchen gadgets, just like Daddy! He can flip pancakes with the best of them already! He also enjoys --- playing "Light Wars" with his sister-- he turns them on, and she turns them back off. They think it's hilarious. ; eating, playing with blocks or his trucks, dancing (a frequent activity at our house, no doubt), anything Mickey Mouse, snuggling with pillows or blankets, and pretty much anything his sister is doing...

Dislikes: Being told, "No." or that he can't do something... Yep, that's pretty much it. Actually, he's still not the biggest fan of his car seat. We've had some major issues with car sickness lately... Still trying to get that figured out, but it explains why the "car seat" has been on his list of dislikes since the beginning... He obviously suffers from severe motion sickness. We're already making a few changes so that we don't have to clean out backseats full of vomit anymore, but any suggestions are appreciated!

Latest Linguistics: His list of words is growing by the day! Most of the time, he can repeat a word once or twice, but he won't attempt it again after that... These are the words that he says regularly, usually without any prompting.

Daddy = Daddee or DaDa
Bath = Baff
Santa = Saaaan-Ta
Sissy = Sissa or Issy
Mommy = NaNa (but he usually just grunts and points at me)
 Oz = Oooosszzzz
Bottle = BaaaaaT

He can do a few animal sounds too, like
Raaaawwwrrrr (lion)
Baaaaah (sheep)
Oooh-Oooh-Ahhh-Aaah! (monkey)
Meooooow (cat)

Happy 14 months, Lucas Wilson Weinzapfel.
You light up our lives in every possible way, sweet boy!

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