Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daddy's Breakfast in Bed | Father's Day 2014

It's Father's Day! Recently, I was introduced to Treat Greeting Cards by Shutterfly, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to design some very special cards to help make Father's Day a little more wonderful for the daddies in our life. I am sending the grandpas their very own personalized photo cards to Indiana, and I'm cooking up something special for Allen!

For some of you who know me, this may not be surprising to you, but I have a confession: I have pretty much the most horrendous memory when it comes to dates and occasions. Treat has come to my rescue lately, and has helped to remind me that I better get some cards mailed ASAP. Yes, I am notorious for forgetting to mail the cards that I buy in time for the occasion. I should start calling it "Card Guilt"... And with my track record, I have a lot of Card Guilt.

It's actually something that Allen teases me about constantly. We will be sorting through our mail and bills that have piled up on our counter, and he comes across a card... "Who is this for?" he will ask me. "Oh, that's for so and so's birthday," or "I bought it to send to your dad after his surgery," but usually, my response is, "Dangit!! I totally forgot to mail that... Again." Yep. Card Guilt.

Well, guess what? There's an App for that! Not only does Treat have an App, where you can do things like, check your order, but you can also surf their amazing designs, and it even has a spot to log all of your important birthdays (and it even REMINDS you to get a card and mail it!). What more could I want (more like need), right?

One of my favorite things about using Treat is their adorable designs, specifically for grandkids who live away from their grandparents. This is a rarity in the card section at most stores, so we were excited with all of the options that they have for us to choose from!

Here is a glimpse at the cards we picked out to send Papa Wilson and Grandpa Weinzapfel...

We hope you both enjoyed your cards! Miss you lots!

Like most special occasions, we usually celebrate with a little breakfast in bed. This Father's Day was no exception. Brynn was so excited to help me prepare Daddy's breakfast, and also couldn't wait to give him his special card. I captured a few of our special moments to share.

The moment I saw this Treat card, I knew it was the perfect one for him.

my favorite photo. sweet daddy hugs. 

I always love listening to their sweet father-daughter conversations.

just to remind you that small children were involved in this moment...
she never fails to give me a dose of reality. ;)

happy father's day, babe! 
you work so hard for us, and we hope you enjoyed every moment.
we love you so, so much.


Letters to Daddy.

Oz wants you to know that, while you don't have the most patience with him,
and even though you still haven't bought him a golf cart... He doesn't hold that against you.
And, he totally likes your walks better than Mommy's, 
because you let him get away with all kinds of shenanigans, like chasing armadillos or alligators.

  Brynn would like you to know that she loves you when you do ballet lifts with her. She also loves when you put her to bed, because she knows she can always con you to "way wif me for free minutes" (lay with me for 3 minutes), and no matter how long your day was, you always let her re-read her bedtime story... Or Brynn's "interpretation" of the story through pictures and memory, which can be loooong and also extremely hard to follow. She also told me that you are strong and you are silly, and she loves you.

Lucas wants you to know that no matter how cliche it may sound, you are his HERO. He loves to hear your voice on the phone when we call you at work. Mommy loves to watch that huge smile spread across his face as he tries to "talk" to you, when he recognizes your voice. He also told Mommy that you are his favorite person to see at 6am... Every morning. 
No lie, he totally admitted that to me.

  I could seriously die over how sweet they are to each other... 
And I love knowing that Daddy and I are helping to groom their relationship, and their trust in each other, into something that will last forever. This is what life is all about-- Watching our sweet babies unconditionally love and support each other.

happy father's day
to all of the daddies out there!

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Kristy said...

This post made me smile so big when I read it. I tried commenting when you wrote it, but for some reason it wasn't going through. Love ALL the pics. I need to be better at documenting life. :-/