Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ozzie | 10 Years Young

This. Dog. I mean, seriously people... If you're not an animal lover, you might as well stop reading this post right now because I'm going to gush about how awesome this dog is for the next [however long it takes you to read this post].
Let's just start at the very beginning. This chapter in our lives has not been thoroughly covered, so we are going to end that right here and right now.
When Allen and I started dating in 2003, Allen introduced me to his new puppy (also a Jack Russell) named Wink. Winky was probably the smartest dog EVER, and if it wasn't for her exceptionally stereotypical JRT hyperactivity, she would have been a delightful dog... And would probably be the dog being featured in this post. Unfortunately, Wink also liked to do a very stereotypical "dog" thing, and ended up on the losing end of a car-chasing incident... Enter Ozzie, the fateful, dumpy, newborn puppy.

Coincidentally, the very last day of Wink's life was also one of the first of Ozzie's... Ozzie was part of a litter of JRT pups that had been born right down the road from Allen's childhood home. After Wink passed, we ended up with a choice between two of their puppies, and we chose this fat and exceedingly handsome little boy, who was one of the final two to find homes... Hands down, the best decision of our lives. Mr. Personality came to live with us in Bloomington a few weeks later and sealed our fate as a family. He is our first born. He will always be my baby. And I've already informed Allen that after he perishes, he will be cremated and placed on my bedside table for eternity... Going to bed with me every night, just as he always has. Yes, I am that crazy dog lady and I don't even care.

      mr. personality.

I mean, who could pass up this face?

I'm not trying to brag about him too much, but everyone that meets Oz pretty much falls in love with him instantly... It's certainly not hard to do. He is ALL personality. Our little "police chief," as he is affectionately known, is sure to be the boss in any group of people or animals. He is also gentle, with the sweetest disposition you could imagine (except if you are a lizard or squirrel- then you better find higher ground). Mama is his "Person" in all circumstances except for one... if Pawpaw Wilson is around. Then Pawpaw is his "Person" -- mostly because he gets to do- and eat- whatever he wants when Pawpaw is around. Yep, what Pawpaw says trumps all. He is quite an opportunist, what can I say?

 "who's your daddy, who's your daddy." 
(I mean, it's totally obvious that's what is going through his head...)

we celebrated the big 1-0 on Sunday night, so a few days early. His actual birth date is 6/6/04.

happy birthday to you, Oz Dog!! 

doggy smash cake.

  This isn't the first time these two have "shared" a meal... Oz frequently dines on unwanted food from Chateau Brynn's Plate. His absolute favorite foods are strawberries, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, and grilled cheese crusts. He will relentlessly grovel and beg for any of these foods... And even gives a few pestering growls to make sure you don't forget him should you have any "spare"-- or even if you don't.

The thing that I love most about Ozzie is how sweetly he loves our babies. It started out a little rough when Brynn was born, but he has grown quite close with her. In November, he welcomed Lucas with open arms, and I love watching how gently and lovingly he plays with him. Of course, a lot of times he is borderline tortured by one or the other, but he handles it with the grace of a big brother. If he's had a little too much, he gives a few warning growls to let Brynn know she needs to give him some space. Granted, it took awhile for her to get that memo, so we've had two nipping incidents... I didn't see either (because I usually step in for some dog education with Brynn when I hear him growl), but I know the things that he puts up with from her, so for him to actually feel the need to bite her, it must have been waaaaay over the line... I mean, this dog wears tutus and tiaras on the regular - at least somewhat willingly, and usually has an appointment at Brynn's Hair Salon for a brush and style once a week.

Another thing about Oz? He totally gives himself away when he does something he knows he's not supposed to do... Usually, he tattles on himself before anyone even figures it out! He is such a great dog. :) We don't know where we would be without him.

happy 10th birthday, Oz!
we love you so much, and we are so blessed to have you as part of our family.

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Natalie said...

Aww happy birthday Oz! Molly just turned 11. She does not play or love the kids as Oz does though :)