Sunday, June 29, 2014


The days as a mom of two are certainly getting longer. Mostly because our boy is awake so much these days, either from fighting naps, even if only to play with his sister a little longer, but more frequently from teething pains.

As much as I love our sweet boy, I will be the first one to assert that he is not going to be any good at this teething gig. I know, I know... What baby is?! Well, as with many things, I compare my experiences with Lucas to my experiences with Brynn. Looking back, Brynn was a pretty good teether. She was wildly independent, and desperate to do things the exact way that she had set in her mind, without help... Because of this, she really didn't have much time to worry about teething pain. She was always very cautious not to get hurt, which was mostly due to the fact that being hurt would only slow her down, or keep her from whatever goal she was trying to reach. I reminisce back to the days when she would slowly lower her head while going under tables, so as not to bump her head.... And when she learned to walk she didn't push herself beyond what she knew he capabilities to be. As her mother, I knew she got this from me, and it worried me a little that this would become part of her lifestyle and inhibit her from trying new things and branching out... Of course, it was inherently a part of her personality, so I never could have changed it, even if I had tried. I know now that my worries were completely unfounded with this. Although, she is still cautious, she usually just dives right in to most situations without hesitation.

Our boy, on the other hand.... pffffeew ... He is very different. I try not to use the term "polar opposite" because I know, as siblings, they have a lot of similarities. However, he lacks the cautious nature that his sister spoiled me with. He is a boy, yes, but I just was so unprepared for, what I can only describe as, pure recklessness... I mean, I am seriously on pins and needles for 90% of the day, trying to make sure this kid doesn't choke on something, electrocute himself, break his neck, or crack his head open in some way. It's like a game of poker that Mommy is clearly not winning... I will "see" his head injury attempt by putting him in his "safe zone" (which is either his walker or his bouncer), and he "raises" me with his next daredevil attempt- be that trying to pull himself out of his walker by doing "pull-ups" on a piece of furniture (feet off the floor and everything), or challenging his fine motor skills by trying to pull the little plugs out of the electrical outlets. Ugghhhh! It's utterly exhausting. Needless to say, I end most of our days out of chips...

One day, I will look back on these days and smile. I will realize that all of my hard work and worries were worth all of the effort, and a huge part of me will yearn for these days at home with my babies. I will watch Lucas take off on his bike or in his (gasp) vehicle, and think about that rowdy little baby boy, who will probably always make me retain enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from all of the breath-holding that I have done and will continue to do.

I'm a boy mom... What else is there to do?

 in case you haven't heard, teething just plain stinks...

Height & Weight: I won't have an update on his stats until next month. His next appointment, and God willing the next time we see a pediatrician of any kind, is on August 8th.

Sleep: Still sleeping 10-12 hours through the night. He usually won't let us put him down any later than 7pm, and he usually wakes up around 6:30am. He's taking two naps every day for about 1-2 hours each time. We've started the process of sleep training, and he is doing very well so far.

     what's that?  ... a distress call!
better suit up!!    

 our little superman is always an adventure.

Diet: He's taking 4-5 bottles a day. Eating 1-2tbsp of each- fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. We just started chicken, and he is not the biggest fan yet. His favorite meal is banana'cado and vanilla yogurt for breakfast. He is obsessed with Mum Mums and loves to eat his puffs.

Clothes: We are out of our 6-9 month stuff and in either 9-12 months or 12month stuff. He can fit into some 6-12 month stuff... He's growing like a weed! He's barely fitting into his size 4 diapers, and we are upping to size 5 with our next Honest shipment. He usually goes barefoot in the Florida heat, but he's wearing size 2 sandals when necessary.

every superhero needs a profile shot. ;)  thanks for the shirt, pawpaw!

Lucas' Likes: All types of hair (usually pulling it, be it gently, but still likes to pull). Splashing in the bath. Eating. Playing with his sister. Listening to his sister talk or make zerbert noises. Pretending that he knows how to walk. Pretending he knows how to talk just like everyone else, with his A-dorable little language of pops and clicks and little grunts and groans! Playing in the sand at the beach. Chew toys. Anything that makes him "big" like his sister.

Dislikes: Being confined to his walker or bouncer when he's in a reckless mood. Staying in one place for diaper changes. Being told "No." when caught playing with dangerous objects. Anything that keeps him from being "big" like his sister.

Comparison to Big Sis:

Brynn had just learned to crawl.
I think they do look alike, and have a lot of the same expressions, but I think Lucas is really starting to favor Daddy. When I look at his photos, I can definitely see me in them too, but he acts so much like Allen... So for me, it's much easier to see "Allen" in him. Unfortunately, it's still a big question of whether he will get the German complexion from Daddy, and like his sissy, or if he will be stuck as a pale ale like Momma. Things aren't looking very promising right now, but I am crossing my fingers for him! ;)

Brynn at 8 months

can't get enough of that sweet smile. 
he has actually learned to stop and "smile" when he sees me taking photos!!!
I adore this, because his sister has a huge camera-phobia... huge. phobia.


happy 8 months, sweet boy.
we love you so much!


Liz said...

Such a doll-baby!

Kristy said...

Such a cute post!! Love it! And I love him! I cannot believe he's 8 months old! I love all the pics, too. What a cute baby boy.

Natalie said...

Aww what a big boy! I hate teething too :(