Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here We Grow Again || 30 Weeks

How far along? 30 Weeks. Baby L is about the size of a HEAD OF CABBAGE.

Maternity clothes? Yes. And sometimes Daddy's clothes work too.  
Stretch marks? Fortunately, no...  
Sleep: Less and less, but it's not too terrible.   
Best moment(s) this week: At church today, we walked by a teeny little newborn boy all snuggled into his carseat... I pointed him out to Brynn and said, "See? That's how little Baby Lucas is going to be when he comes out of Mommy's belly." She immediately tried to run over to the baby, who was crying a sweet little newborn cry... I, of course, stopped her and told her that she had to stay sitting with us, and she proceeded to protest with a little crying, and said, "But I want to go see Baby Lucas!" To say that she is anxious to finally figure out what this "Baby Lucas" stuff is all about is an understatement... We'll see if she wants to change that tune after he finally arrives!  
Miss Anything? Mostly sleep... Trying to keep up with an almost 3 year-old is a tough job on 3 hours of "good" sleep. 
Movement: Lots of wiggles! We are running short on space, so he has been doing his best to stretch out as much as possible... Usually, he likes to throw all of his weight to my right side, which is why the majority of his kicks are to my right ribs! He almost always responds to Daddy's booming voice - when they have their little convos - which is something Brynn never really did... 

Food cravings: Fruit! Also, really hearty meals, with lots of meat... Which is unusual, because I am NOT a a big fan of eating a lot of meats. I was the same way with Brynn in the last trimester... We were always eating steak!  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not recently.  
Gender: B-O-Y  
Labor Signs: None.   
Symptoms: Mostly, being a big klutz! Heartburn, leg cramps, and back pain... All of which, I have a little "fixer" for, thankfully!  
Belly Button in or out?  In, but it's getting pretty tight!  
Wedding rings on or off? On.

 Mood: I passed the GTT, and the first Rhogam shot is finally behind me...So, pretty good! :)  
Looking forward to: All of our visitors in the coming weeks... Brynn turning 3... My 31st birthday... It's all coming up so quickly! Before I even realize it, I will be holding Baby L in my arms! The big question is... Before, After or ON Halloween? Brynn was born at 39+4, which would be October 31st for Baby L! We might just end up with two October babies...

Pregnancy Comparison: 30 Weeks with Brynn

As for Big Sis, it's always an adventure! She has the most active imagination...
I really miss writing the "watch me grow" posts for her! It's so hard to keep up with all of the funny and exciting things that she does these days. She loves to paint her face and pretend to be a kitty cat, complete with kitty ear headband and tail. She chases poor Oz around the house, meowing at him... After a little while, the meows become a little fierce and forceful. I usually look down to see Oz, cornered, and trying desperately to escape the world of Pretend. They are so funny together. He actually misses her on the rare occasion that she takes a nap... He will try to push her door open.
They have officially become each others playmate.

After doing a little research with preschools in our area, I finally decided that we needed to get started on some learning activities around here... She is so eager to learn new things! And next year, she'll be able to do VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten), so I'm doing my best to be "Mrs. Mom," and start doing some activities that help her learn age-appropriate things like, using scissors (which scares me to death!), and sorting objects, etc! She's already doing so well with shapes and colors and letters, but she needs a little help with her numbers still... She also has developed a new love of reading books, which we are loving so much! We have started checking out 3-4 books every week from the library, and I can't get enough of watching her covet them. We read them so much, by the time the week is through, she can pick them up and "read" them herself from memorization of the words on each page!
We've also started, which is a great resource,
since I am NOT - by any means- a teacher.

After Lucas is born, I know it will be nice for her to have her own activities to do... Those which aren't "baby" related! So, I put together a little "preschool corner" in our living room, and I raided the Target dollar section with all of the "Back to School" supplies. Pair that with the wealth of information via Pinterest, and I think I can handle doing small and simple activities with her after L comes home! If it comes down to it, I guess I will have to bite the bullet and send her off to preschool a couple of days each week... *tear I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet! But I know that she definitely is... Any time she sees another kid around her age, she pretty much attacks them with a barrage of questions and about a thousand, "Hi, I'm Brynnie. It's so nice to meet you" s. It's only slightly overwhelming... But also one of the sweetest things a momma can watch her baby do. She practically tackles them to the ground with this outpouring of unconditional love and support for her fellow kid-kind... So funny to watch!

oooooh yes, and she finally learned how to climb into the crib... 
and dangle infants like MJ, apparently.

but she loves all of her "big sister duties"... and she takes them very seriously!

 As for the nursery, I've got a million ideas... and this is just about all the activity I've devoted to it.

 On that note, our house is extremely organized... 
I'm almost a little too touchy when something gets put out of its place! I'm trying to take advantage of it now, because I know that "drive" will be long gone when this baby comes out!
happy 30 weeks, baby L!


Natalie said...

It won't be too much later and you'll be holding that little boy in your arms! Look at you doing all those learning activities with B! I was on my game but as summer has progressed I must say I have slowed. Hopefully with Nolan going back to MDO we can get more in a routine.

Joeylee said...

Not to much longer.
I love the update on miss B.
you look great!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Happy almost-birthday :)

Love lil' miss B!

Daniel and Sara said...

You are gorgeous!! He's coming so soon! Brynn will be a great big sister although the "dangle infants like MJ" literally made me laugh out loud! :)