Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here We Grow Again || 28 Weeks

How far along? 28 Weeks -- Officially in the final trimester!  Baby L is about the size of an EGGPLANT.  
Maternity clothes? Of course. I feel huge.
Stretch marks? None yet.
Sleep: It happens, occasionally... 
Best moment(s) this week: Watching Brynn holding her baby doll (dubbed "Baby Lucas" for big sister training) in the glider in his nursery, like such a big girl. She sat there with the sweetest and proudest smile, so careful with the baby-- and looking so much older than I have ever seen her before. She was so proud of herself for taking such excellent care of him, which is one of the sweetest things I've ever experienced! She has come around so much in the last few weeks, and often comes up and begs me, "Mommy, wanna come into Baywucas room wif me?" -- to reorganize his toys and blankets. She loves to help me fold blankets and put tiny clothes away... But mostly she enjoys "feeding" the baby a bottle while she watches Mommy work. :)
Miss Anything? Corona. Sushi. Sleep... in that order.
Movement: He wakes up every morning around 4:30 or 5:00 for a little solo dance recital. I love to lay there and let him wiggle on his own terms... I feel like we've been so active lately, he's just along for the ride!
Food cravings: Fresh peaches or nectarines with ice cream.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully, I think I'm finally beyond this stage.
Gender: B-O-Y
Labor Signs: None. 
Symptoms: The leg cramps have started, but they aren't as terrible as they were with Brynn... And the heartburn is getting a little worse, most likely due to the limited amount space for anything but Baby L! :) The chloasma has also returned for this pregnancy... I thought I might escape it, but with all of the trips to the swimming pool, I guess I invited it back.
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Mood: Fabulous! I think I'm at the stage just before things start to get pretty uncomfortable... And I will feel much better when I get the GTT over with next week-- Hopefully. Crossing my fingers for a passing grade! Along with the fabulous Rhogam shot. Cheers all of the other mommas who have a negative blood type!
Looking forward to: Still trying to finish up L's nursery... I've been slacking due to my other projects I have taken on. We're having 3 sets of guests coming to stay with us throughout September, so I'm still trying to get the house exactly how I want it. The nursery, has been put on the back burner a little bit... Also excited for all of our visitors!! :)

Pregnancy Comparison: 28 WEEKS with Brynn

Allen and I were totally cracking up while we were taking some belly shots, when Brynn - totally unprompted and in a very serious fashion - came over and started posing like me... She has been going through such a funny "mimicking" phase, which is always making us giggle. 
It has taught me a lot in the last few weeks... Like, the most common phrases out of my mouth are pretty toddler-friendly. Thankfully. :) Unfortunately, Oz gets the brunt of the discipline. He is forced into "Time Out" at least twice every day...

And here is the hubs, posing for the camera while I took a few test shots for lighting purposes...
Isn't he adorable? I am so excited to see him with his baby boy. :)

I'm a little bummed to see the second trimester come to an end... For some reason, being pregnant always makes me extremely project-crazy!! With Brynn's pregnancy, I hyper-organized all of our storage into labeled Rubbermaids (which has actually made it extremely easy for us to move... twice... in the last 3 years!). This time around, I have had the furniture refinishing bug. I just finished our living room tables, and our new storage bookcases that Allen built... Up next is a TV stand that we've had since college. It's in Brynn's room and, obvs, needs a new paint job! Or so my hormones tell me...

(these are curing in a "safe zone" - aka Brynn-Free - for the next week before we can use them...)
So, goodbye second trimester of productivity! I will miss you, since this is my last pregnancy...
 Hopefully, there is enough Diet Coke to compensate for you for the rest of my life! ;) 

Until next time! I guess that will be 30 weeks with the next post... I'm trying to stick with the same method of posts that I had with Brynn, which usually correlated with all of our OB appointments!



Kate @ Daffodils said...

You look great and I love the tables!

Katie said...

Looking great momma and how cute is that little momma!!!! She is going to be such a great sister:)

Natalie said...

You do look great and the countdown has begun!