Monday, November 12, 2012

| once upon a potty |

yes, today was  DAY 1  for us.
and while every mommy wants to say, "my child did so wonderfully..." at the end of each day
during the potty training process, i am certainly not the mom who anticipates
that i can- and will- potty train my child in 5 days or less.
to me, that's entirely too much pressure to put on myself, not to mention my baby girl!
and let's face it, we won't be sending her off to college without being potty-trained.
it will happen eventually.
like most things that occur during the "toddler" stage,
PATIENCE is always your best friend. 
you know, like the girlfriend you call when you're at the end of your rope.
yes, she has been a fabulous friend for me lately. 
the one who makes me stop and evaluate exactly what 
i'm teaching my child with every word and action done in frustration or distraction.
the one who is there to force me to stare into my reflection in Brynn's eyes long enough 
to take that deep breath, and find that last drop of patience at the end of the bottle... 
the same bottle that i thought was empty only a moment before. 

that's not to say that B didn't have a fabulous first day...
she had a few accidents, and, overall, she "gets" it,
but there are still a few bumps in the road that we're going to have to work on.
it's all a learning process... for me, and for her...  
the biggest challenge is that she absolutely refuses to #2 in her potty chair.
and i will admit that i am not one of those people who thinks it's 'no big deal' to clean up poop.  
UGH. i mean, when it's contained in a diaper, that's one thing... but when you're trying to get it off of little Tinker Bell panties...  well, then i am totally that mom who is trying like hell not to gag.

large amounts of blood, i can handle. copious amounts of phlegm, i can handle. 
but anything digestive-related... the old gag reflex is engaged and ready for action! 
one of my raunchy former coworkers once told me a little joke about "How God Decides Who Will Be A Nurse, and Who Will Be an Respiratory Therapist." And it goes a little something like, He buried us all in poop up to our necks... haucked a loogie... and those who "duck"... well, they are nurses, if you get my drift...
that might sound a little bit FEAR-FACTORISH,
but it perfectly explains the difference in occupation preference.
and needless to say... i would never, ever, ever- in a million years- even consider ducking.
my worst nightmare and biggest mommy fail- to this date- was the Great Pooptastrophe of 2011

but let's get back to B's first day...

as her momma, i can definitely say that i am very proud of my sweet girl after today.
immediately following her third accident, i picked her up to take her to the potty chair
and i think she could sense that i was very slightly frustrated...
mostly because i had just asked her if she needed to go only a few minutes prior to discovering her walking bow-legged over a puddle through our kitchen... 
but i also knew that she had been distracted by playing with her toys, 
and as i carried her to her potty chair, providing plenty of encouragement that she would "get it the next time"... she hugged my neck, and leaned back to say, "i sowwy, mommy," right before throwing herself into another big hug.
heart. officially. melted.

and after i pulled my soaring heart out of my throat, i hugged her back and said, "oh, baby... mommy is so proud of you no matter what."
it's moments just like that one that make every ounce of effort absolutely, 100% worth it all. 

i am definitely excited for this stage to be over,
but a big part of me will be so proud to show off the scars we have from enduring this challenge.
i am 100%  proud of my girl no matter what.
and onward we march...


Katie said...

Sounds like B did awesome on her first day of potty training! What a big girl:) My heart just melted at the thought of that sweet little voice saying "I sowwy, mommy". I won't lie and I know it sounds crazy, but I'm a bit jealous of your new potty training venture. I wish Meyer and I could be doing this right now, but we have decided that after baby girl arrives will be best for everyone. At least I will have your lead to follow! Keep up the good work mommy and B!

Joeylee said...

Sounds like you had a great first day. Accidents will happen and we just have to be patient and encourage them. What I did with kaylee to make it a little fun was a potty jar with mini m&ms in it and everytime she went on the potty she got a few. Good luck, we'll begin the potty training process with Keira after the holidays are over

Natalie said...

Awww B is so sweet! We haven't really started this journey, and I must say I am scared to death...Nolan is totally ok with being in a wet/poopy diaper. Crazy I know..and we even cloth diaper! We have a potty seat, and he'll sit up there but not really do anything.

Katie said...

Ohh potty training! Not something I look forward to, but it sounds like y'all are off to a good start :) I hope things continue to go smoothly, and hopefully B will be a potty pro in no time!

I just went back and read your "Pooptastrophe" post and was CRACKING UP! Hilarious. Funny how my sense of humor has changed with becoming a mom ;)

Lauren said...

Haha, oh man, potty training... Such an adventure. I am not even attempting until I get get my B to sit on the potty. Right now her eyes get huge and she planks so I can't even sit her on it. Potty training is for another day.

B will totally get it!! Just the fact that she's willing is a HUGE success! She "gets" it, it will just take a little time to fine tune recognizing that need to go. You're on your way :)

MommyMandi said...

Hi! I came over from Tiffany's Blog from Raising Paityn because she nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I can can why. :) I wanted to follow your blog by email, but I don't see a place to do so. Am I missing it?

Prudence said...

wee have 4 words for you, dear babyberry:

Prudence & Joshua