Monday, November 19, 2012

Baby Shower Blessings for Ellie Ruth

today, we celebrated the impending arrival of miss ellie ruth wilson...
who is due to arrive the first week of 2013 :)
there are certainly a lot of people who are counting the minutes until we get to meet
this sweet little bundle of joy.

of course, there was a major auntie FAIL when we arrived at the shower, 
and i realized that i forgot my camera at home...
so, i borrowed aunt amanda's DSLR to take a few photos of lacy and ellie's big day!

cousin ally was able to help us celebrate...
she is visiting from texas this week, 
and we know two little girls who were SO happy to see her :)
we were pretty happy to see her too.

we were all so excited to greet the new MRS. WILSON when she arrived at the shower...
we admired her sparkly new accents and
enjoyed hearing a few details from the very intimate and private ceremony. :)
we are certainly thrilled to have lacy as an "official" member of the family now,
and are soooo excited to welcome their sweet little bundle in the coming months!



Katie said...

So fun and I love all the bright colors! :)

Tiffany said...

Looks beautiful!! Good job, auntie. :)

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