Friday, November 9, 2012


happy friday everyone!
here is a little glimpse into our life {via instagram} lately.

nap time standoff : "guess what, mom? i can cross my arms too..." ;)
ohhhh, the many joys of raising a MINI-ME.
| please excuse the toplessness... 
a shirt is hard to come by these days with B. total struggle. |
great white shark sighting!! snack time has come with some challenges lately.
namely, a greedy jack russell stalking his prey ;)

how to melt a momma's heart 101.

B's new learning station... 
easiest DIY ever. old frame, a little spray paint, sheet metal, chalkboard paint. voila!
just add magnets! | tutorial we used |

daylight savings + toddler = nap struggles.

toddler experimentation at its finest... ;)
i just love how she always finds a way to make me giggle.
sleepy faces are the best... i could stare at her for hours.

it seems all of my wishing for daddy's good looks wasn't completely in vain ;) 
SEE: eyebrows; eyelashes; lips; ears.

exciting stuff in the works!! :) can't wait to share...
{please excuse my lack of comments and emails. we've been very busy lately.} 

thanks for stopping by!
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Kristen said...

Lol oh the sass! And I love the magnet board you used!

Following you now on Instagram! I'm @joyfulone86 :)

Joeylee said...

Keira does that arm crossing as well and then says "I'm mad". Love that second to last pictures, so adorable

Natalie said...

Oh my that photo of your hubby and sweet!

Nicole said...

Cute! Stopping by from Weekend Blog Walk.

Lisa said...

Ahhh! The photo of them sleeping together is precious!