Sunday, November 4, 2012

IAA Convention 2012

just wanted to share a few photos of the IAA Benefit Auction and Gala from this weekend.
it was hosted in NH this year, and it was so great to see all of our extended "auction" family. :)

B loved seeing sweet Missy and Mrs."Kappy" :)


| please excuse B...
she was having a "toddler moment" for most of the beginning of the evening |

      2012 IAA President and his sweet family. :)

| grammy & pawpaw |

... and here are the three Wilson grandchildren participating in the 2012 Children's Auction.


Katie said...

What a great event and the video is so sweet! Such a wonderful family tradition. By the way, your brother did a great job for us at the auction the other night! Thank you Wilsons:)

Natalie said...

Awww looks like B had such a great time! She looks like she is 3 in these photos!

Meagan said...

What fun! It looks like y'all had a great time!