Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween | 2012

this was the first year we had an actual "trick or treater" on our hands...
B had a blast walking up to doors and waiting for them to open.
of course, the "treat" for Brynn was more about getting a home tour from everyone, 
rather than indulging in their candy selections.

daddy and i had to drum up some covert-ops when the door would open,
to make sure our kitty cat didn't turn into goldilocks and make herself at home in their kitchens...
she is such a little stinker!

here is a look back on the past two years...
we dressed her up as a ballerina.

 | not even a month old yet |

 | right before she learned to walk |

oh, these girls are just growing up too fast... :)
we made our rounds with little A, aunt amanda and uncle andrew this year,
and the girls had a BLAST!

i'm a little biased, but they are certainly
the cutest elephant and kitty that i've ever seen... ;)

we were little A's very first stop...
you might be able to see- by that sweet and completely terrified look on her face- that she was slightly overwhelmed with the milestone ;)

      love... :)

 we only had a handful of stops to make, so we all packed into the car... 
it was a little too chilly for walking this year.

we visited great-grandma... and B barely acknowledged her bowl of candy.
she immediately ran to get grandma's toys.

          daddy love.
these two girls certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to daddies. :)

 after we finally stopped at grammy & pawpaw's,
B decided that she was now an expert in Halloween candy-ism,
and that she would be the one to pass out the candy.

pawpaw collected about 25 suckers... every 5 minutes.
i guess cats don't like suckers...

 have you ever seen a baby elephant crawl?
 well, i got to last night... cutest thing in the world.



Kerri Andersen said...

love this. can't wait til i have cute kids old enough to trick or treat! :)

Natalie said...

Aww it's crazy that our kiddos have had 3 Halloweens! So glad she had fun!

Liz said...

They do look super cute!

Catherine said...


Katie said...

Cutest kitty cat and sweet little elephant I've ever seen! So much fun having so much family right there to spend these fun holidays with:) I'm with Natalie too...these kiddos have been here for three Halloweens??? HOW is that possible?