Monday, September 17, 2012

Kunstfest 2012

while it may have rained a few times this weekend, it was chock full of sunshine and happiness... 
{well, for everyone except for B... she was suffering from an acute case of toddleritis}

it was KUNSTFEST in New Harmony!

good food, good music, and good times

while she wasn't feeling quite herself, B definitely had her fun moments-- dancing and indulging in the sweet treats... kuchen, schnecken, kraut balls... all sorts of traditional German foods!

yummy schnecken! :)

we all definitely enjoyed the plentiful smiles from this beautiful girl too!

we sat down and made ourselves comfortable on Uncle "Dew" and Aunt "Man-Man" 's front porch to enjoy a little people watching, and to patiently wait for front-row seats to the main event-- the beautiful and festive sounds of the accordion.

when it came time for Mrs. Kiesel to play her famous accordion, we were all ears... especially Brynn! much to her delight, Mrs. Kiesel even let her play a few chords!

in true toddler fashion, she took that ball and ran with it... when she heard her own notes being played over the loud speakers, there was no turning back...
I'm sure there were many who were wondering just who taught this accordion player how to play!

a little momento from last year. same pumpkin dress, same porch, same music...
 .... just missing Great-Grandpa. :( we miss you very much, Papa.

...... on a much more cheerful note .....


that's right!
you know we couldn't let a holiday go by- even an unknown holiday such as Kunstfest- without debuting some festive little ruffled booties ;) 

thanks to Aunt Man-Man for spotting these on zulily!


After missing her nap early in the day-- despite the fact that we took her home specifically so she could take her usual nap-- our little German girl decided that it just wasn't going to happen (after a good hour and a half of trying), so we gave up and headed back out for more! Since the festival was only a block from our house, we weren't really inconvenienced very much... However, shortly after, sleep finally won. Though, I'm sure the air filled with the scents of kuchen, brats, and other yummy foods, along with a full stomach and soothing German music may have helped a little. ;)

happy kunstfest!


Katie said...

Looks like the perfect weekend! B looking stylish as usual and OMG the ruffle butts! So fun having two girls to dress up together. I bet B's daddy didn't mind one little bit that his princess fell asleep on his shoulder! PRECIOUS:)

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness, the ruffle bums! SO cute!!

Lindsay said...

LOL! The ruffle butts are so cute!

Natalie said...

She looks absolutely adorable in that pumpkin glad you guys had a great time!