Friday, September 14, 2012

B's First Letter

brynn learned her very first letter last night...
during bathtime.

now, she only has 9 more letters to learn before she can spell her last name. :) ha!

as you might be able to tell, she is a little under-the-weather
.... and we can just go ahead and chalk this up to three dreaded words.


that's right.... these bad boys are about to kill me dead, people.
i can't even say it without cringing, 
because it's like talking about nails on a chalkboard around here.

so far, this has involved crying for hours... for no reason.
how does it play out?
she cries because she wants her cup... mommy brings her the cup... then, she cries because she doesn't want her cup anymore, throwing herself on the ground and into a puddle of sobbing drama queen.

as if to say, "what are you doing, Crazy Lady? 
i don't want my cup anymore... that was sooooo 3 seconds ago!"

used kleenexes are cluttering my house faster than i can throw them away.

she's like a new puppy... chewing on everything in sight!
... the girl even tried to bite me once in this rabid animal state. i say this because THAT was not my child!
...i saw it in her eyes. rabid animal. cross my heart...
that was definitely one of those, "oh, no... she didn't" moments for me.

this past week, our days have been filled with more, "no, brynn!"s and "stop!"s and "mommy has told you twice now that we don't... {insert punishable offense here}"s than i can even imagine.
i'm tired of saying it, so i know she's tired of hearing it.
yes, patience is a virtue... that is evaporating like boiling water over here!
 my living room looks like a bomb went off in it...
and i can't even begin to talk about naps and bedtime... wheesh!

seriously, who thought that sprouting four giant, blunt, enamel-covered lumps during the stage of  toddlerhood would be a good idea?
they should be FIRED... immediately.

sure, we have been through teething before... but i am highly anticipating that this round will include fireworks. the grand finale type.

all humor aside... i really hate watching her go through all of this pain.
the thing that drives me the most crazy {and there is no shortage of that around here} is that no matter how much tylenol, benadryl, ice water, and teethers that i push at her... i know that it's not really making a hooey of difference. :(

*squinting eyes* IS IT OVER YET?


Amanda said...

oh my word, we are going through all of this RIGHT NOW too!! I mean, i might just have a little sassy pants on my hands....eeeek! hang in there, mama!

you're not alone.

xo, amanda

Lindsay said...

Yiiiiiiiiiikes! We're experiencing the 1 year molars right now (!) and it's brutal. I'm not looking forward to the 2 years! Hang in there!

Katie said...

Great job B on your very first letter! She says it perfectly:) We are still working on even becoming interested in letters over here!

The teething "situation" sounds painful! Oh how familiar those "rabid animal" moments are. We have started protesting sleeping around these parts and it's not pretty! These two kiddos sure are testing their mommas. Hang in there friend....this too shall pass!

Natalie said...

Oh girl...that is no fun! Here's to teething being soon for you! I don't think Nolan's even gotten any of his 2 year molars but I can't tell either b/c I can never able to look that deep into his mouth. Teething is a sick joke on us moms!