Monday, September 17, 2012

Sharing God's Love

we became godparents this weekend!

meet our precious goddaughter, sydnie grace...

words cannot express how honored and blessed we feel
to have been chosen to share the grace and many blessings of God's love with sydnie...
it truly brings tears to my eyes.

thank you, adam and laura for allowing us this privilege.
you are such wonderful parents and examples to your girls, and we are truly humbled
to be such a special part of sydnie's life.

to a fault, I am so much better at expressing my feeling through words in print,
rather than in speech, but I hope you both realize
that we are truly touched.

God bless you, sweet girl.

The LORD Jesus made the deaf to hear, and the mute to speak.
May He soon touch your ears to his His WORD, and your mouth to proclaim His FAITH,  
to the praise and glory of GOD our father.


Katie said...

Godchildren are such a blessing! Little Sydnie is gorgeous:)

Natalie said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! So glad she has you guys as her Godparents!