Friday, July 8, 2011

Brynn's 6 to 9 Month Video

Oh my, how our girl has grown!
For some reason, I didn't have as many videos from the last 3 months as what I usually have... Hmmmm.
I'm thinking that's because I've been spending more time chasing her around, rather than grabbing the Flip to record her! :)

But chasing her around is so much fun!
{please pardon the bare-diaper video... many of you probably know how difficult it is to get them to sit still long enough to change their diaper, let alone wrestle them down to put their pants on! I just put it in there because it was the first time she actually pulled herself UP!}



Natalie said...

Look at that big girl! They grow up too fast!

Amanda said...

She is growing up too fast...brings tears to my eyes. But she is sooooo much fun to be around! Love her! Love her! Love her!!!

Kisses & Hugs!
Auntie Amanda

Jenna said...

She is so precious!!!

Thanks for participating in the challenge!