Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Linking up with Jamie again @ This Kind of Love for WILW!
I so look forward to this...

So here's what I'm loving this week!

I'm {loving} that B's 9-month appointment is TODAY!

Hopefully, her doctor will tell me that she wasn't contaminated by this dirty snack choice ;)
She is 16lbs,14oz-- which puts her in the 16th percentile (much better than the "5th")
And she's 28 inches-- which puts her in the 65th percentile!!

"Long and lean" is what we keep hearing... which is better than "petite."
I was really starting to dislike that word!

I'm {loving} these easy DIY ideas for around the home from Pinterest...

I'm {loving} this creative hanger (from etsy) as a wedding shower gift...
{since we are in the midst of wedding season}

How cute is that?

I'm {loving} finding cute ideas for B's 1st birthday party!!

I'm {loving} this idea for the wall in our hallway...

I'm thinking I'll start working on it this week... ;)

I'm {loving} these ideas for "summer-y" desserts...

 {cream cheese lemon bars}
{blackberry frozen yogurt}


And of course, I'm {loving} my happy girl and her daddy...

Oh yes, and the Ozzie Dog!

What are YOU loving these week?
Feel free to share!


Kristen said...

I love the menu chalkboard! So much cuter than the magnet pad I use! haha

Joeylee said...

loving all your loves! Brynn is adorable

Joeylee said...

aww thank you for stopping by my blog! =)
new follower

Jillian said...

So my daughter Ansley wore that same outfit for the fourth of July:) And those treats are making my mouth water:) YUM!!! Jumping over from Jenna's :)

Je$$ said...

that black berry ice cream look delightful. such a rich pretty purple.

i love pinterest. best place to brain storm.

Natalie said...

Hi Emily! Wow we do have a lot in baby boy is also "long and lean" and has been in the low percentile of weight. His 9 month visit isn't for another few weeks, but I am trying to get him over 18 lbs...but that kid just can't keep any weight on...I think he's just a little bit over 28 inches..not sure hard to measures those little babies! Thanks for stopping by my do have a cute JRT! Ours is 8 years old, but still looks like a puppy. I'm following you now :)

Kristy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I am loving this list! That menu board is amazing! I need one!! :)
Your little one is adorable!!

Amanda Klein said...

Love those DIY ideas! Especially the dish soap bottle! My husband insists on buying that exact foaming one - it looks soooo much cuter all done up!

Summer said...

Popping in from Jenna's Journey ;0)

Love those hangers from Etsy and the makeup brush jar with the coffee beans. I keep my makeup brushes in a jar like that but never thought to put something in it so they don't fall over so easily.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I'm stopping by from Jenna's!

I love Pinterest (@scissorswhisk). It's ridiculous all the ideas and inspiration on there, and how I have a list (which has acutally just been checked off) of things I need to get from Jobby Lobby! lol.

Have a great day!

A Day in the Life... said...

your little girl is the cutest thing!! pinterest IS addicting! but, i find SO many fun ideas :)

Meg Issacs said...

Your little family is so adorable!I recently started Pinterest too! I LOVE that place... way to easy to spend way to much time!

I see your a Christian wife and mom to, how awesome! Maybe we'll be great bloggy friends!

Anyway, Im following you from the hop and it would be great for a follow back, have a blessed day!