Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rockin' the Faux Hawk

First, there was Pink...

... and Natalie Portman,

and then there was B...

with her 'a la naturale' faux-hawk! :)
{these photos hardly do it justice}
She's lovin' her style so much, she showed off her new pearly-whites! :)

I just love that her hair stands straight UP, no matter how much lotion I apply... Or amount of time I spend trying to tame it!

She is getting so close to taking her first steps... I can't believe how quickly she is catching on! She is almost too brave... I'm always worried she is going to fall and hurt herself! She bumps her head on the coffee table, along with almost everything else, but it doesn't even faze her! :)

As long as she's doing "big girl" things, she is happy!


Summer said...

Super cute!

Natalie said...

Hey at least she has a high tolerance for pain LOL!