Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Tooth!! Plus More...

B is no longer toothless! :)
That's right... ToothWatch 2011 is officially over!

Just 4 days before her 9-month birthday, she has sprouted her first tooth!
I tried all morning to get a photo, but my subject wasn't very cooperative... Imagine that!

{this was the best that I could get... I realize that you can't see much of anything}

I never would have noticed it, because I don't really keep close tabs on her gums... But while I was feeding her some breakfast, the light caught her gums at just the right angle! Sure enough, I felt her gums with my finger and felt a sharp little tooth!

And if that weren't enough, she has been perfecting her "pull-up" at an alarming rate!
I could swear that she is going to climb mountains one of these days...

 She just loves to climb...
Obviously, Oz is thrilled. :)
He is very thankful for that pillow blockade.

Miss Personality is also asserting her independence on a very regular basis.
She freely tells you when she doesn't like something... By shaking her head "No."

For some strange reason, she is not a fan of "Patty Cake."
She prefers the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider."
Oh goodness. Kids do the darndest things!

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