Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday to YOU!
I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love again for WILW!
I feel like Wednesday comes around so much more quickly these days, but I'm enjoying it!

So, here we go again...
I'm {loving} this little ballerina hand print art! I can't wait to try it with B!

I'm considering a ballerina theme for her 1st Birthday
What do you think?

I'm {loving} this photo... I laughed out loud when I spotted this!
"Gotta love those Alphas!"
As a mommy of a 7yr-old JRT, I know all too well about the shenanigans of those little Alpha dogs!

I'm {loving} that we took B to her very 1st movie in the theatre!
{Cars 2- with Grammy, Uncle Aaron, Miles, and Daddy}
She was amazingly well-behaved, and even took a little nap... So grateful!
{B and Mommy}

{this is during the previews}

I'm {loving} my little swimmer in her new tutu bathing suit!!
*got it for $4 on sale* ;)
{B with Aunt Kate}
She always has fun in the pool!

I'm {loving} how amazing B's Daddy is...
{He was so proud of himself... And I was proud of him too!}

I'm {loving} decorating for the 4th!
Here are some fun ideas I found for decorating...

{so cute!}

{LOVING these dresses}

{our front porch}
Next year I'm going to get bigger flags!

 {this makes me thirsty!}


And of course... some festive cakeballs!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY 4th!
God Bless America!

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