Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Wreath

I confess... I have become a little obsessed with Pinterest.
But the fruits of my labor- as I'm constantly refreshing my browser- always pay off in the end!
I found this gorgeous wreath, and I just HAD to track it down to see where I could buy it.

my {larger} inspiration

My search ended at teach.craft.love. where I realized that she MADE this herself...
and it was super easy!

Of course, I immediately decided that I needed to make my own version for our front door.
I knew it would be just the thing to add a little flare before (and after) I start the makeover!

So, I made a stop at Michaels, where I bought the wreath ($4.99), some ribbon (which I didn't even use), the wood craft numbers ($.75/each), and some paint.
I already had some dried hydrangeas from an arrangement in the house... So I borrowed a few from there.
And voila!

A new front door wreath!
I know my husband is so proud of me because I spent less than $10!
{although I think I'm going to paint and hang a "W" in the center :)}

I hope you are as inspired as I was...
It's the perfect addition to our NH home! :)