Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch Me Grow, I'm Half a Year Old!!

It's so funny how differently Brynn reacts each time we do our monthly photo sessions...
I always end up laughing!
Of course, we had a little more of an attention deficit problem this month.
She is just so aware and independent!
We had to move 4 different times just to keep her distracted!

 I know people must think I'm crazy for posting so many photos of her each month,
but our little photo sessions are always such an adventure!
Each photo tells a part of the story... Plus, how could I choose just one or two?!

 We took a little break from posing to play in her jumper...

 Drooly Julie :)

 "I feel so exposed!"

 ... And then her sticker started to come off her shirt because of all of the drool!

Brynn is still in size 1 diapers,
She's finished vegetables and has moved on to fruits... But she still prefers rice cereal.
We have successfully switched over to formula (Earth's Best for Daddy's sake)!
She takes 5-7 ounces, but still wants to eat every 2-1/2 to 3 hours!
She has learned the art of using "crocodile tears" to get her way...
 She is still in most of her 3-6month clothes, but is fitting in to some of her 6-9month stuff.
She knows what it means when we say "Oz"-- and she always 
searches for him when he is not in plain sight.
She still hasn't cut any teeth, but is drooling like crazy!
And, our first appointment with our new pediatrician is next Wednesday!

We love our little 6 month-old girl! :)

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