Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brynn's 3 to 6 Month Video!!

Here it is!!
Look at how our girl has grown...
 (I know she's not technically 6 months-old until tomorrow, but I couldn't wait)
I cannot say enough about our FlipCam. 
Not only has it captured some of the most precious times that we've had with Brynn,
but it's always handy when she learns a new way to express herself! :)

There have been lots of smiles, tears, giggles, screeches, hugs and kisses, 
thumb-sucking, rolling over, sitting up and falling over, cuddles, and love!

Plus, we packed everything up and moved over 200 miles...
It has been a crazy 3 months!!

To watch her First 3 Months video first, go HERE

6 Month photo session tomorrow... Then off to Indy for the weekend! :)

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