Friday, November 12, 2010

It's That Time Of Year...

I'm so excited for all of my Christmas shopping this year!! Especially since I took Brynn to Hobby Lobby again... FYI: They are having a massive sale-- 50% off of almost everything!! I am hoping to pull out all of the craftiness that I have in me to accomplish a little present for my sisters (Jenna and Amanda) and my mom. Cross your fingers for me because this one is going to be tough to do! :)

It's also that time of year to pull down all the old greeting cards and Christmas cards from last year-- well, most of them!! I can't just take them all down, cold-turkey. I usually wait until they send a replacement before I take the old ones down! So, this is a picture of my "tree" after I have done some trimming... Like I said, I can't take them down until I get a replacement!

I can't wait to make our Christmas card this year!! I always love doing a Christmas card, but I am really excited for this year's!
Brynn is getting so much better with her sleep cycle-- and less anxious about being separated from Mommy and Daddy! She decided to celebrate her 6th-week birthday today by taking an HOUR-long nap in her crib... I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!
I love seeing how bright-eyed and aware she is becoming... She is growing so much every day!! Here is a bright-eyed moment with Daddy.
*look at those matching caterpillar eyebrows ;)
She sure didn't get those from Mommy!
She doesn't look very happy in this picture, but she is about as content as she can get! She loves looking at the lights and our black shelf in the living room, and she is even tracking us when we get up and walk away!! :) It's just amazing to watch them develop and learn...

Well, another week and we will be heading down to New Harmony to stay with my parents. I am so excited for everyone to meet Brynn!! Roz, we are going to have to work something out so we can all visit!! We miss you lots!

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels


Roz said...

My love-I miss you guys and can't stand another minute not meeting little miss Brynn! I mean it's almost torture!!! Can we please get some plans in the works?!

Emily said...

Affirmative... We feel the exact same way!! Brynn needs to meet her namesake ASAP! We need to go ahead and make plans for the spring or summer?? Then maybe we can throw another trip in between those times? Let me know what your schedule is like, because we are pretty flexible!!