Saturday, November 13, 2010

Victory! Sweet Victory!


Never underestimate the power of the bundle... 

Things just keep getting better! Brynn is laying down for longer periods of time (by longer, I mean 15-20 minutes during the day-- tops), allowing me to catch up on things that needed to be done yesterday. I have never folded clothes so quickly in my life!!
I love Oz's face in the video... He is so dumbstruck, he doesn't even know how to react! :) Haha! He has tried to sniff her about 3 times since I put her in the swing... I wish I could catch that on video! He stands up on his hind-legs and tries to sniff in her face in a swinging-motion! It's like he's trying to make sure she's still "working." Mommy has told him that if he wakes her up, he is in BIG trouble! So, he tries to be stealthy about it... And always gets busted!

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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