Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brynn Roslyn | A Sleeping Beauty 5th Birthday

Our girl is officially a five year-old-- I just cannot believe that we can say that now. Honestly, the age of five has hit me a little harder than expected. It just seems like such a huge milestone in life, something that not very long ago seemed so far away from our reality. Alas, here we are...

Soon, it will bring your first day of Kindergarten... your first sleepover.... your first experiences without us within an arm's reach. A little piece of my heart is sad, but a huge part of it has butterflies of excitement for you.

Brynnie Ballerina, your daddy and I both know - without a shed of a doubt - that you are capable of so much than you can even imagine right at this moment. Your extreme independence, your strong spirit, and your determination to master any and all challenges placed in front of you are all something that is very special. Oh, the places that you will go, should you only dream of going... We are just so proud of you.

This year, we waited an extra week to celebrate your birthday with Grammy and PawPaw. Brynn was also very involved in the planning of her party. She wanted a castle, so we built this one together, and she even helped pick out "Maleficent's thorns" to go with her Sleeping Beauty theme.
She recruited Grammy to help her decorate the table with her dolls. It was quite a meticulous task... So, thank you, Grammy!

I really, really wanted to spring for a professional cake this year, but while I think that fondant cakes are absolutely stunning, I often find that they aren't always as tasty... Since Brynn and I are both big "cake" people, I decided to order a fairly plain whipped cake from Publix, and I made Aurora's crown from fondant myself. I am obviously no professional, but it turned out much better than I expected... and at a fraction of the price, which made Daddy happy! The cake was also delicious, which made us girls happy too. Win, win.

Like I said, she was happy with the cake-- and even enjoyed an icing fight with PawPaw!
Happy, happy 5th birthday, sweet Brynn.
We all love you so much!

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Kristen said...

I can't believe you did that with fondant your first time. It looks amazing!
As does the rest of the decorations. You always do such a great job! And I can't believe she's 5 either.

Happy Birthday to Brynn!