Friday, September 11, 2015


It has been quite some time since I posted an update on this boy... That's right, I said BOY. All traces of baby are virtually gone. He is two months shy of TWO, and I can tell you that part of the reason that I haven't posted is because he keeps his mama very busy!


Book: Little Blue Truck, Hungry Caterpillar, and Dig!
TV Show: Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Handy Manny
Food: Green smoothies, carrot souffle, pasta with alfredo, and anything with ranch dressing, BBQ or A1 sauces, and he loves to snack on Nilla wafers and Belvita crackers.
Activities: Doing puzzles, playing with his vehicles, reading, coloring, jumping from high places...
Sights & Sounds: Anything construction-related, especially "diggers" and tractors... Also, he is obsessed with helicopters and airplanes.

daddy's clone. I know his daddy doesn't get very much credit in the looks department, but he and his sister both look so much like him! Luckily, that's where they get their adorable rosy glows and complexion... and those eyebrows too! ;) And as far as his personality goes, it's pretty much all "daddy"

 the two year molars are well on their way... it has been a rough week for him with this teething, so I know we are all ready to move past it!

Trains, planes, and automobiles... Nonstop.

Height & Weight: The month of July was a rough one for us... We were all constantly sick and on antibiotics, and we had two big family emergencies as well. The only bonus to being at the doctor so much was that we got regular updates on their heights and weights... Lucas is now only 8 lbs lighter than Brynn, and 6 inches shorter. He is still a big boy! We also realized that he outgrew all of his shoes, so we took him in for a new pair... And he was a whole size bigger than what he had been wearing! One of his feet is actually a half-size bigger than the other, so we were pretty close to being forced to buy two pairs of shoes to accommodate his clodhoppers, but luckily they were close enough that we could still manage...

Clothes: He is wearing 2T and some 3T things... He is by far the most expensive of the two kiddos so far. I feel like we are buying new clothes and pajamas for him constantly!

Words & Expressions:
Sissa = Sissy
Papou & Baba = Pacifier and blanket
PiePad = iPad
Car-Car = Car or vehicle
Ger-Ger = Digger
Sama Ticter = Cement Mixer
Gy kruck = Fire Truck
Helltata = Helicopter
Titty = Kitty
Gagain! = Again!
Bimba! = Timber!

.... to be continued.

Some of the best times of my life have been staying at home with this guy... He is just your average sweet-natured, mama's boy. Always clinging to me, plenty of  hugs and kisses, and he can barely stand to be separated, whether it's by doors, baby gates, or distance...  Unlike his very independent and strong-willed big sister.
He is usually very well behaved, but he likes to sneak into his sister's room and steal her coveted writing utensils and paper. He loves to write and color. I think most of his interest stems from the fact that it's something that he can do with his beloved Sissa...

Happy 22 Months, Lucas
We are so loving watching you grow into boyhood.

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