Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter | 2014

It's Spring again in Florida-- and everywhere else for that matter. Not that the weather makes any type of grand gesture of kindness like our experiences in the Midwest., but the weather is definitely warming up-- by Florida standards anyway.
On a side note, I could definitely get used to Florida winters. Perfection!

It's almost Easter time. And right now, I'm loving the age difference in our two little munchkins... A year of firsts for Lucas, and for Brynn, a whole new enthusiasm and thrill for each magical holiday.

A little voice just keeps reminding me that this is only the beginning of our adventure as parents with these two babes. The holidays are definitely one of the major perks to that job. With that being said, I couldn't resist grabbing His and Hers bunny ears in the dollar section at Target a few days ago, mostly with this little scene in mind. 

I hope you all have a very happy Easter! We are heading to Indiana for a few days to celebrate Lucas' baptism with our family over Easter weekend. His sweet little romper arrived in the mail yesterday, and I am so excited for him to wear it. :) 



Catherine said...

These pictures are great! They're both so adorable!

Katie Hermann said...

Have fun in Indiana! If it wasn't such a crazy busy weekend for you all, I would suggest a playground playdate for M and B!! Maybe next time:)

Natalie said...

Love all these photos and that little boy is growing up so fast!

Joanna said...

cutest bunnies ever!!
ps: I added you on my new IG account acup_of_jo