Saturday, March 29, 2014


Oh, boy! It's starting to happen... The little boy characteristics are beginning to take shape in his sweet, and utterly determined, personality. I could honestly watch him all day. The pre-crawling is obviously my favorite-- his sheer will to make it happen! He's definitely got it. I wish I had a little bit of that in me-- but alas, I don't. And while I know that he gets that "just do it" attitude from his daddy (along with just about everything else), I love those moments when I can see those things that he gets from me. Sometimes, I have to look very hard, but then I see that huge smile spread across his face, and I know-- that's from Momma. And I'll be darned if the butterflies don't start flying... He is my baby boy, and nothing will ever change that. 5 months or 50 years. It's a forever kinda thing, and I feel so very blessed to take this time every month to evaluate and remember the little things that I'm so grateful for in both of their personalities.

Height & Weight: Last month, he was 16lbs 7.5oz (77th percentile) and 25.75inches (76th percentile). We weren't supposed to go back to the doctor until 6 months, but little man (as well as Brynn and Daddy) picked up some rather yucky bugs during vacation. So, we had to go back in last week for an ear infection and yucky congestion. He had dropped a few ounces, and he has picked up on his nursing again, so we are probably going to try to start solids next week. I think he's been ready for awhile... I can't eat anything in front of him anymore, because he grabs my hand and pulls it right to his mouth! He is so strong too, so it's quite the fight to keep it away from him.

Sleep: He has finally taken to his pacifier and we got him some new blankies (because he loves to soothe himself with his swaddles, and I wanted something small for his crib), so he is doing much better on soothing himself-- instead of thinking he has to nurse himself to sleep. There are some times that he just can't quite get himself there, so I usually give in and let him nurse a little... It makes us both happy, and as long as he's making progress, I don't mind doing it. We've also weaned him from his Miracle Blanket and swaddles, and he's solely using the sleep sacks now... I think he finally realized that he was more free to roll around his crib without the confinements of being swaddled up, so that finally sold him-- and let's Mommy get a lot more sleep now!!

    our little newsboy.

Diet: We are planning to try some solids sometime in the next few weeks. I'm finishing up some research, and then we'll go from there... He has developed so much more quickly than his big sister, and I know he's ready to get going. He reaches for our food (and Brynn's) constantly, and he's sitting up almost completely unsupported. We're there... So, we might as well give it a try!

Clothes: He is still barely squeezing into some 3-6 month clothes, and we're into 6-9 month stuff, as well as 6-12 month. He's growing like a weed! He's in size 3 diapers, which is hopefully where he will stay for at least another month!

Lucas' Likes: His pacifier (never thought I'd say that!) and his aden & anais security blankies; His SISTER-- wow, he loves his sissy!; He's obsessed with going mobile, so anytime he gets where he wants to go, he's pretty darn happy! He really enjoys reaching and grabbing for his toys, mostly because he has mastered a lot of his fine motor skills. And he still loves bath time too. His favorite thing is practicing animal noises-- it's the cutest thing to watch him try to imitate each noise! It usually comes out all the same, but the look on his face shows that he's really trying to distinguish one noise from the next. He is our determined little man in every aspect of the word...

Dislikes: Still not a huge fan of the car seat, but he's made leaps and bounds with his demeanor while traveling in the car... He HATES not being able to crawl. He gets himself so worked up because he can't quite get it. He will get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but when he starts to go forward, it all just falls apart! Bless his heart... I am going to be so happy for him when he finally gets it!

love watching their sibling bond grow...
every time she hears him wake up from his naps over the monitor,
she runs to his room yelling, "I wanna way(lay) wif Wukey! I wanna way wif Wukey!"
I love watching them on the video monitor, giggling and playing in his crib together.
Gah! My favorite.

Comparison to Big Sis: Let it be known that this was the age which they have looked the most alike... Wow! Of course, Brynn was still in size-1 diapers and quite a bit smaller then our big guy.

                       Brynn at 5(ish) months.      

What we've learned this month: I've certainly learned that L will always have a surprise for me in his back pocket. Just when I think he couldn't possibly surprise me anymore... He does.

What we're enjoying right now: Watching Lucas master rolling all over the floor, becoming more interactive with all of us-- especially Brynn, and making preparations to officially have a crawling boy in the house in the coming weeks!

Our biggest struggles: Probably a little bit of a sleep regression issue, but we are in a comfortable place right now. Our "routine" pretty much lets him take the lead on what he needs, although I don't let him stay awake for more than an hour and a half. That seems to be his magic time limit before he becomes too overtired.

L's most exciting milestones: Rolling back to belly & belly to back, pushing up on all fours & rocking back and forth, grabbing and pulling toys to his mouth very easily, and chewing on everything!

What we're looking forward to: Crawling! I keep thinking I'm going to look up and watch him do it sometime soon... I'm definitely not pushing him, just encouraging with words (since he becomes so frustrated). I'm excited for him to crawl over to us when he needs us, and for him start exploring. I still can't believe that we are almost there...

Happy 5 Months, sweet boy! 
We love you so much.


Natalie said...

Awww what a sweet boy! I can't believe he's 5 months...happy 5 months cutie!

Catherine said...

He is precious!