Monday, December 2, 2013


It feels so strange to be starting another Watch Me Grow series. It seems like it was just yesterday that we started this journey with Brynn. Now, here we are with our second tiny baby... I realize that I won't get every single thing that I want to remember in these posts. I have already found that I lost so much in my posts for Brynn... Things that I swore I would never forget. Yet, I did. So, you'll have to grant me a "last-time mommy" pardon if I go a little overboard on these...

 thanks to Jessica for the awesome romper...
L's First Monthly Update:

Height and Weight: We don't go back for our well baby check until December11th, so I will have to update on that later.

Sleep: Little man is a hungry guy, so sleep is his second priority. As long as he has a full belly, he is good to go for about 3 hours. His naps during the day are getting shorter, but he will also take a few short naps in the sling. He is starting to reject his bassinet, since he likes to fall asleep while nursing in our bed... And if he is not swaddled up like a burrito, he will definitely be awake five minutes after you put him down. We've learned that you don't mess with a man and his swaddles.

Diet: Momma's Diner, open 24/7. He has taken 3 bottles of breast milk like a champ in the last week!

Clothes: He has shot right into his 0-3 month clothes. One day, we woke up and his newborn sleeper was looking a little tight... and also a little short in the arms and legs. I swear it didn't look that way when we put it on him the night before! He is just growing so fast...

Lucas' Likes: Mommy's sling. The Ergo. Taking long walks while in the sling or Ergo. Hearing mommy's voice. The big, black "W" on the wall behind the couch. Bouncing. 

Dislikes: Still not a fan of the pacifier, which completely nullifies that "nipple confusion" theory... He KNOWS the difference, and he can't be fooled or appeased with the replacement. He's also not a fan of getting all dressed up to take monthly photos, as shown in the photo above...

Comparison: Brynn at 1 month. Bald and beautiful.

 How is Big Sis, you ask? She is adjusting very well... The regression was short-lived and we are back to using the potty the majority of the time. She is always hugging, kissing, or loving on her "Wucas"... a very proud sister.

Very eager to help, she is... 

When L started to get a little fussy on the floor, I told her to lie down next to him and give him a hug... Only to turn around to find her doing this =>

 * kiss, kiss... squish, squish*

 he's pinned! daddy might be a little  proud of her wrestling moves.
It's still a work in progress...

I love life with our two babies, and the Oz dog too.  They keep life interesting.

 boy kisses.

What we've learned: From a postpartum perspective, the recovery with #2 has been much, much easier... Or it could be that the baby is easier. I haven't figured it out 100% yet, but I'm leaning toward the latter. I have so much more energy and motivation to get everything done, and I feel fabulous! Lucas has been taking it pretty easy on me. He is very laid back and only fusses or grunts when he needs to have a diaper changed, or if he's especially hungry... He is such a sweet little man!

What we're enjoying right now: Definitely enjoying lots and lots of snuggles. He just started to do some cooing the other day, and I can't wait for him to become more interactive with all of us, although I'm trying to savor everything about this newborn phase...

What our biggest struggles are: Trying to keep him awake for longer periods during the day (so that he doesn't confuse his nights and days again!), and we're still trying to keep Big Sis busy. She seems to find trouble very easily these days. But the regression is finally under control. Yea for that!

L's most exciting milestones: He is making better eye contact, and trying to follow Ozzie and Brynn as they zoom by him... He also turns to the sound of Mommy's voice, which I love!

What we're looking forward to: Hearing more coo's and grunts (which is what he does instead of crying... he rarely ever cries unless he has a dirty diaper), and celebrating L's first Christmas and Brynn's 1st Florida Christmas! :)

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Natalie said...

Your little ones are SO precious together--there's nothing like that sibling bond. I'm glad life with 2 little ones is going well!