Friday, November 22, 2013

LUCAS || 3 Weeks Old

Move over, Big Sis... We're ready for the 1st official Lucas update!
These last 3 weeks have just flown right by... and we're so excited to watch our little man grow!

Height and Weight: When he was born, he weighed a cool 7lbs-3oz, and they measured him at 20.5inches... At his 2 week appointment, he weighed in at 7lbs-14oz, and they measured him at 19.5inches. He already looks even more chubby than last week, so I'm excited to know that he is gaining weight so easily.

Sleep: Little man is just about the sleepiest baby you could imagine... Which is quite the change from Big Sis, who was notorious for going into meltdown mode at 8pm, and refusing to sleep in her bassinet or anywhere other than Mommy or Daddy's chest all night, every night (which pretty much matches her personality today). Lucas is quite the opposite. He is content in his bassinet, until a dirty diaper or a growling tummy wakes him. He will almost always take a 3-hour nap in the morning, which is fabulous when I need to get Brynn settled into an activity or do some work around the house. And he sleeps in 2 1/2-3 hour intervals through the night. Last night was actually the first time he went 5+ hours between feedings. I feel almost spoiled! It has certainly been quite the change, and I keep telling Daddy that it can't really be this easy... His absolute favorite place to sleep, though, is in the sling. I honestly don't know what I would do without the sling!! :)

Diet: Dos Boobies. He is a very enthusiastic eater! Although, we have been dealing with some reflux issues...

Clothes: We're kind of at an "in-between stage" right now... He's about to bust out of his newborn onesies, but he still fits the sleepers. He can't quite fit into the 0-3month pants yet, so in the above photos, he's rocking a 0-3 month onesie and newborn pants. I would imagine that we'll be packing up the newborn clothes in the next week or two... :(

already being tormented by his big sister... just kidding, she totally adores him!

Lucas' Likes: As I said before, he is a huge fan of the sling or Ergo carrier. He also loves to be swaddled in his Aden and Anais blankets.

Dislikes: Bathing, the car seat, dirty diapers, his pacifier, and anything that keeps him from being snuggly and warm...

Comparison: Here is a shot of Brynn at 3 weeks...  
That pacifier was definitely there for a reason. Nothing much has changed. ;)

What we've learned: The transition to being a family of 4 has been much easier than anticipated so far... For us anyway. While Brynn literally adores her baby brother, she is struggling with the shift in attention away from her. Our little diva has had some major regression issues with the potty training, and has been showing us just how wild her tantrums can get... but we are working through it.

What we're enjoying right now: Mommy is enjoying how much L acts and looks like his handsome daddy. Daddy is enjoying weekend football on the couch with his little man. Brynn is enjoying bossing us around when it comes to pretty much anything and everything... Lucas is enjoying sleeping and eating, as most 3 week-olds do.

What our biggest struggles are: Keeping Big Sis entertained and busy, while meeting Little Bro's needs... This can even be difficult when we are both home, which is why I am so thankful for our slings/carriers. In the past 3 weeks, I have painted in the sling, molded play dough balls in the sling, made many peanut butter sandwiches in the sling... It is a mommy of two's d-r-e-a-m.

L's most exciting milestones: His biggest milestone is sleeping more than 3 hours at night... I can't wait to see all of the exciting milestones that are coming!

What we're looking forward to: Sending out L's birth announcements, celebrating L's first Thanksgiving and the holidays as a "solo" family of four, and watching this little guy and gal grow a little more each day!

Here are some of my fave Instas from the past 3 weeks...


Natalie said...

He is beautiful! I know that those newborn days are SO tough (I just went through them for the first time this past summer), but they are so sweet, aren't they? Here's to many baby snuggles and lots of bonding!

Kristen said...

Awww Lucas!!! I seriously love all the pics. And I'm glad he's such an easy baby! Hopefully Brynn adjusts quickly!

Natalie said...

I cannot believe he is 3 weeks already!!! What a cutie!

Jenni Clutten said...

Lovely post, I am currently snuggling my 3 week old and working my way through being a parent of 2. Congratulations!