Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby #2 | Hospital Bag Essentials

For the last week, I have been focused on packing our bags for the hospital. I started with mine, because I thought that would be the easiest. Thinking back to our first hospital stay, I remember most of the things that we packed... That which we actually used, and that which we did not. This time, we have limited hands and limited help - especially with both of us trying to wrangle an independent, 3 year-old Big Sister (who gets her very own bag, but more on that later)... So, I'm trying not to over-pack, while also thinking about our needs as a soon-to-be family of four. Here is a list of some of the essentials that I'm packing this time around.

1. CLIF BARS || Of course, you can't partake until after the baby is born, but these are quick and easy snacks that are also high in protein and fiber-- which is great for all of the lovely post-partum side effects. I love to pack snacks for everyone, which limits trying to run out and get what we need. This way, it's already in the room with us, and it's quick and easy. You can't beat that!

2. BOTTLED WATER || Water is definitely essential to your postpartum recovery, especially if you are nursing! I know most hospitals give out a water bottle to new moms, but I have had my share of hospital water in the past, so I prefer to bring bottled water.

3. COMING HOME OUTFIT + gowns, beanie hats, and mittens || We didn't go overboard with clothes last time, but I was glad to have a few newborn-sized gowns for Brynn, and also her mittens! She was born with the longest fingernails, which I was completely terrified to trim, so the mittens definitely came in handy after she scratched up her sweet, little face pretty badly.

4. ADEN & ANAIS SWADDLE BLANKETS || These just started to become popular right around the time that Brynn was born, so I was excited to buy some this time around! My bestie, Roslyn, also shared with me that not only can they be used as adorable swaddles/receiving blankets, but they also double as a nursing cover (if you don't want to worry about taking one to the hospital), and even as burp cloths, if necessary.

5. COCONUT OIL || I haven't really talked about it very much, but I have used coconut oil for just about everything in the past 2 years... We cook with it (and I love to smear it on toast in place of butter), it is an excellent bath-time moisturizer for Brynn and myself, I also haven't purchased an expensive facial moisturizer in a very long time, or even a hair conditioning treatment... It's even in the body and face bars we use from New Harmony Soap Company. I am obsessed with this stuff! It's also a better acne treatment than anything I've ever tried! So, I was especially excited to learn that it's also an excellent (and baby safe) nipple cream! I will be taking a small container with me to the hospital for my face, and of course to use for nursing Baby L...

6. EOS LIP BALM || I have a lip balm obsession... I get it from my momma. And this stuff is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

7. DSLR + TRIPOD || Of course, we will need a tripod this time for video, since we don't have Grammy there to record it for us... Hopefully, we can get away with Daddy filming a little too, but at least we have a backup if necessary! Also, it will be great to try and snap our first, hands-free family photo! :)

8. BLACK LEGGINGS + YOGA OR LOUNGE PANTS || I prefer the selections at GAP. And let me just stress the color BLACK. If this is your first baby, you will understand why fairly quickly...

9. GLAMOURMOM NURSING TANKS + NURSING BRA || I was lucky to find these on a while back for a steal... I bought two for $22 each. I've heard great things about the nursing tanks at Target as well, but I'm definitely excited to use the Glamourmom tanks to layer through our first Florida winter!

10. CARDIGANS || I am always freezing... Like, always. So, sweaters are usually essential for me in a drafty hospital. I am obsessed with this particular shawl-collar VS cardigan, and also this striped JoJo Maman Bebe nursing cardigan (also scored off

11. NURSING PILLOW || Of course, this is only necessary if you are planning to nurse. But it also can make a great back support. You can always use pillows too, but I have a "thing" about hospital linens, since I worked in a hospital for over 5 years of my life... It's not that they aren't extraordinarily clean, it's just I know what has been on them in the past. I'm just a weirdo like that...

12. UGG SLIPPERS || Once upon a time, Allen's Aunt Paula introduced me to these after she traveled to Australia... And I have owned a pair ever since. I have even gifted them to my sister-in-laws! They are fabulous for the hospital too!

13. MAKEUP BAG + BEAUTY ESSENTIALS || I am extremely picky about my shower stash, so I always bring my own stuff with me... That goes for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and makeup essentials. I love Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm, so it goes with me too!


As for Brynn, this was where my challenge began. Trying to foresee what she may need in the hours after I go into labor, at all hours of the day and night, I did my best to put together some essentials for Big Sister.

1. LeapFrog Creativity Camera  || This was a fabulous 3rd birthday gift from Aunt Roz and Uncle Nck, which I thought would be great for Big Sis to snap photos of her time at the hospital and, of course, of her new baby brother. We use our old iPhone4 and the app that goes with the camera, and she has loved to capture and manipulate all kinds of shots...

2. Comfy pajamas and lounge wear || I have a great Big Sis shirt that I purchased from Aidille's Etsy shop for some photos after everyone is cleaned up, etc, but I thought until then, we would stick to comfy pajamas and lounge pants.

3. Sticker Activity Pads || In her favorite characters of Sofia the First. Hopefully, this will distract her for a significant amount of time... Cross your fingers for us!

4. Coloring Activity || Crayons and coloring books. Sometimes she's into them, sometimes she's not... I thought it was worth a little effort.

5. Melissa & Doug Water WOW paint booklets || Painting with water. Mess-free, stress-free. Need I say more?

6. iPad || When all else fails, we can break out the apps and movies on the iPad.

We will see what becomes of these tactics soon. 
Our appointment today shows that I'm already progressing much faster than I did with Brynn at 36 weeks. Baby L will definitely be here in the next 3 weeks, so it's all just a matter of time!
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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Wow I'm definitely bookmarking this post for the future. GREAT advice!

And ahhhhh so exciting, he's almost here!!

Natalie said...

This is a great list! And not much longer, and he will be here!

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