Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here We Grow Again || 24 WEEKS

How far along? 24 Weeks.  Baby L is about the size of an EAR OF CORN.  
Maternity clothes? Yes. 
Stretch marks? Nothing yet.
Sleep: Between my two restless kiddos, sleep is definitely a luxury these days... Oz doesn't help the situation either. He is totally a midnight Snoogle bandit!
Best moment(s) this week: Re-converting the old toddler bed back to a crib, and watching B's reaction when L's bedding arrived... After the UPS guy rang the doorbell (which is a big deal in our house because of Oz, the SuperDog), I shouted out from the other room, "That's probably Lucas' bedding..." -- which caused B to run to the door, yelling "Wucas is here, Wucas is here!" -- We immediately took it to the nursery, where she helped me open it all up, and put it on the bed. 
Miss Anything? Sleep. But I know it's just re-training my spoiled body for what's to come...
Movement: L is still showing off his skills in the belly... Although, it's getting to be less and less comfortable. I guess I was a little spoiled with B's pregnancy, because Miss Early Bird was head down as soon as she could be... L has been breech the entire time, and he's also measuring a little ahead (which, I can only assume means he's going to take after his 6'3" tall daddy), so his BIG KICKS definitely pack a punch... And already have the ability to stop me in my tracks! I'm starting to get a little nervous for the third trimester...
Food cravings: Surprisingly, no significant cravings are happening lately... For about a week, I have had this strange phantom smell that I could not get rid of -- cigarette smoke! Ugh! Fortunately, it's long gone now.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've had to really watch what I eat, because I've developed some gallbladder issues in the last 2 years (my mom and grandmother have both had to have cholecystectomies). I had my first "attack" during pregnancy the other day, and it was not fun at all... So, I will be taking it easy on indulging my not-so-healthy cravings.
Gender: B-O-Y
Labor Signs: None. 
Symptoms: Back pain and round ligament pain are pretty significant. Every thing about this pregnancy is just so different than the last one... I had terrible heartburn and leg cramps with B, but I've had hardly any so far with L... B was a petite little princess, and everything about L tells me that he's going to be a bruiser! We will see... :)
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Mood: Still fat and happy. 
Looking forward to: Finishing up L's nursery, and picking up a few new baby essentials - swing, double stroller, etc.

Pregnancy Comparison: 24 WEEKS with Brynn, complete with my Riley Hospital maternity ensemble.

Like I pointed out, this pregnancy even looks completely different!
Of course, I was running around a hospital for 12-hour shifts then, while now I'm enjoying daily nature walks, swimming pool activities, and the occasional beach day. ;)
I guess that's what a change in "occupation" will do for you! 

Right now, I'm keeping myself busy doing research on all of the latest baby "must-haves"...
What is on your list? I'm definitely open to suggestions... 

We are currently trying to decide on a double stroller, and have narrowed it down to these two beauties... The City Select and the Britax B-Agile Double. With the age groups between our two kiddos, and the amount of usage it will get-- with the many theme parks surrounding us-- we want to get a great stroller that will hold up, and also has a TON of storage. We have quite a few trips to Disney Word in our future (since it's only about an hour and a half away), so this is a pretty big deal... We are already leaning toward the Britax, but I would love to hear your thoughts/pros & cons!!

Another big decision? A new baby carrier...
I know for a fact that I will be wearing baby L as much as physically possible,
so any suggestions or advice would be very helpful!
Right now, I'm trying to decide between the K'Tan and the Ergo...

The K'Tan will be great for Momma, but probably won't fit Dad...
While I just don't know if strapping on the Ergo to wear around the house is worth it.
I'm wondering if we shouldn't go for both?

Our next baby appointment is tomorrow morning...
I'm so excited to get a little update, but I'm also dreading the GTT awaiting us next time!
Going through that whole process with a two year-old should be a BLAST!


Liz said...

i would go for both carriers. you will use them for different occasions. i love my wrap to pieces and it is so good to my back and shoulders. mark prefers the carrier.

it makes me smile reading how excited B is for baby L. ella was so excited for "her baby" to arrive last summer. :)

Natalie said...

You have the cutest bump! I have heard people rave about the Ergo...and I think depending on the type of places you want to take the stroller you might want to get the first one so you aren't so wide going through places with the jogging stroller. But if you want to run with it then you would have to get the jogging stroller. :)

Natalie said...

Well I guess the second one isn't a jogging stroller just a side by side one?

Natalie said...

I got the Baby K'tan for my newborn daughter, and so far I LOVE it! It was $40 compared to the over $100 for the Ergo, and I like how the K'tan has all of these different ways I can wear it, whereas the Ergo is much more limited. Baby girl loves riding around the house in the K'tan, and if I need to go to the store, I just put here in that, and she never makes a peep the entire time I'm shopping. Yes, you'd have to order a different size for your hubby, but even purchasing two @ $40 each is still cheaper than 1 ergo. Just my two cents!

And, of course, you look adorable with your little bump! :)

Katie said...

First of all...adorable momma! We have the City Select and I'm loving it more and more everyday. It has so many different configurations which is awesome and I love how it can be a single or a double. I'm still unsure if it has a sit and stand option but I am investigating because lately, Meyer and strollers aren't mixing! I also hear wonderful things about the City Mini!

Kristy said...

Baby ergo and BOB duallie. My 2 favorite things! :) I love following you and your stories. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

I have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double and I love it. I like side by side so even ground for seats and it is narrow enough to fit through everyplace I've tried. Also you can run/jog with it and it has rubber tires. It also has the tallest seat back on the market so it should last the longest amount of time.

Whitney Hines

the workaholic momma said...

You look wonderful!!!! We bought the ERGO for kiddo #2 (I had a sling and moby that I never used with #1) and I really like it!! I've got the newborn insert and have been using it since Kate was 4 weeks old and it seems to be working very well..even in all of this crazy heat! We haven't yet bought a double but I had been considering a side by side...I worry about the one with the toddler in the back...I feel like Addie would get bored more so than if she was next to her sister and could see everything in front of her. But, I have no experience with either...just my thoughts!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

The k'tan will be nice when Lucas is little, but you will get much more use from the Ergo! Especially if you plan on baby wearing for awhile. I also have a Baby Hawk Mei Tai that I LOVE and still carry my 1 year old in everywhere.

Also, just found your blog, and I already love your little family! :-)
- Laura

Matia Malek said...

Just stumbled across your blog - love it! I'm researching baby carriers now, too. I have a 3 year old and am 15 weeks pregnant. I've heard nothing be great things about the Ergo but the price scared me away. However, I was recently at TJ Maxx and found an ergo for $60. Big score! I snatched it up. I've since seen them at a few other TK Maxx and Marshalls stores for the same price. I've also been researching how to DIY the k'tan carriers. It looks fairly easy to make out of t shirts...? We'll see. Also, tonight I took my 3 year old (28lbs) for a quick walk around the neighborhoon in the ergo and she LOVED it. She said it was really comfortable and fun. It was also really comfortable for me. It fit nice under my growing belly and she felt like a feather. It was also a lot less juggling than a stroller. Sorry for the book, but I wanted to share. Good luck!