Monday, July 8, 2013

Cathing up on B-isms... And other -isms

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In a time when everything seems to change so quickly...
Our girl just keeps growing and learning more every single day.
As a parent, or any person who shares a connection with a child, it is one of the most amazing things to witness. That kind of miracle that only can be seen through the eyes of a child.

It can be anything, but mostly, it is everything... A bug, an airplane flying over our house...
It seems like such a simple thing, yet it can be so easily missed unless you are paying close attention.
I believe- with my whole heart- that this is one of God's many precious gifts to us.
Being able to experience life through the eyes of a child. Any child.
All you have to do is watch long enough to see that sparkle in their eye... It's like magic.
And I am addicted to it!

Over time, they not only show you that sparkle in their eye,
but they also learn to express it in their own teeny tiny vocabulary...
which is almost always one of those laugh-out-loud, amazing "highs" you get when you experience something that's just really fun.
And you just want to burst out with a good 'ol, "Wow... That's awesome!"

On any given day, we could be driving down the highway, or strolling through the grocery store... and something comes out of that 2 year-old mouth that makes us both giggle with the giddiness that only a parent could have.... The kind of silly "proud parent" giddiness that makes you look around at the people who might be close enough to hear what you heard, and even tempts you to share a look with them that says, "Did you just hear how hilarious my kid is too?"
Sure, that person is probably thinking,
"Whatever, Lady... I've got four comedians of my own at home. Your kid is not that special."
 But that's what you're there for, as a parent...
To make them feel special in those moments, and to enjoy and appreciate every minute of their experiences- no matter how big or small- just as much as they do!
You are theirs, and they are yours... And there's not a thing in this world that can replace that.
That, my friends, is such a gift.

With all of the distractions going on in every day life,
I definitely don't want to forget all of the little things that make each day with my baby girl
unique, and special, sometimes challenging, and a lot of times, humorous.

The things that make her- not just A two year-old, but OUR two year-old.
So, I decided to do another post with our most memorable B-isms...


*vocabulary format:
bat = that
bear or dare = there
'wicious = delicious
chuch = touch
choclick = chocolate
carepull = careful
osheean = ocean
 wook = look
cuckcakes = cupcakes
yay = lay

"No, I don't want to do bat anymore." | complete with a defiant crossing of the arms
... I hear this about 100 times every day.
my favorite is, "NO! I don't wanna be a big gurl anymore!"- which is usually brought on with potty training attempts made by this beyond-desperate momma....
"No! Don't chuch it! It's gon' huurt!" | when we try to put on her shoes (yet, she takes band-aids, isopropyl alcohol and peroxide to wounds like a champ)
"It's soooo 'wicious'..." | after tasting anything with mass amounts of sugar in it.
"I'm gonna chuch it..." | usually said after she's been told NOT to touch something.
"Wook at dis, Daddy!" or "Did you see bat, Daddy?" | she loves to show Daddy everything.
"Mommy, can I have sum choclick?" | ... For every. single. meal, snack, etc.
"Mommy, can I havea cookie?" | Directly follows the above chocolate question when Mommy inevitably says, NO.
"Mommy, can I have sum cuckcakes?" | When the two previously-stated inquisitions fail.
... Relentless, I tell you!
Oh, and I promise I don't feed my child pure sugar all of the time.
"Yep, suuure does!" | just something she says all of the time, not sure where she got it from...
 "(Daddy or Mommy), you wanna yay down wif me?" | every night when we put her down for bed.
She is a master negotiator... especially at bedtime.

Oooooooooh, that girl! She certainly gives us a run for our money...

As I sit here typing this out, listening to the song posted at the top,
and feeling the sweet little kicks of this growing baby in my tummy...
I am so overwhelmed with the gratefulness of this life that God has given to me.

And as I continue to grow and stretch to fill this role of motherhood, 
I know that I will always strive to appreciate and celebrate the smallest of moments and accomplishments that my two little blessings have in this great big world.
Even more, I will celebrate other mommies who chose to do the same thing... 
Because accomplishments should be celebrated.

"... All the empty disappears, 
And I remember why I'm here 
Just surrender and believe;
I fall down on my knees.
Oh, hello world, hello world

Hello world."


MeaganMusing said...

Oh two and a half year olds! They make our days fun, don't they?? This will be so fun to go back and look at a year from now!

Katie said...

LOVE this post. Every word is so so true! The B-isms are totally making my day too!