Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dolphin Tale: Meeting Winter

Today, we ventured over to Clearwater to visit the aquarium...
B was totally mesmerized with the idea of seeing dolphins and other "big pish."
We left there with an entirely different experience than what we ever thought.

We met Winter.
For those that do not know who Winter is, she is the dolphin from Dolphin Tale.
Here is a video of our experiences at the aquarium/hospital.

B's favorite part of the experience was the dolphin show.
A fun fact about the show... The dolphin who was performing for us was named Nicolas.
When he was only 6 months-old, his mother became very ill.
She intentionally beached herself because of her illness, and because Nicolas didn't know any better, he followed her up onto the beach. As a result, he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the sun.
And if that wasn't enough to break this hormonal momma's heart... His momma didn't make it.
Dolphins who are orphaned or abandoned under 1 year of age cannot survive out in the wild.
So, Nicolas will spend his life in captivity.
{and yes, I am still tearing up over this story}

I hope if you and your family are ever in Clearwater, you will stop by the aquarium to visit Winter,
as well as all of the other animals being cared for at the marine hospital there.
Our visit there was more of a life lesson for all of us than it was for entertainment...
And, because the aquarium is mostly a critical-care hospital for dolphins, sea turtles, and otters...
It is run almost solely on the money made through admissions.
The proceeds benefit animals like sweet little Nicolas, who will forever be scared by tragedy, but will go on to live a fulfilling life at the aquarium. :)


Katie said...

Looks like you are soaking up all the fun florida activities with Miss B! So fun:)

J Lee said...

This is a great place to visit, with or without kids. I guess we'll be dropping by the aquarium when we get to Florida during the fall. Thanks for this!

Screamer In Aisle 3 said...

What a beautiful video and post! I found your blog through a friend's blog. Feel free to visit my blog and share it if you'd like!