Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Lately, we have been trying to find new adventures around our area to
explore and give Brynn a little taste of fresh air...
Since she suffered the most from Mommy's 15+ weeks of severe morning sickness,
it has been so great to get out with her and let her be a kiddo. A Florida kiddo. :)

This past weekend was no exception.
We started off the weekend at the beach, of course.
Our favorite spot is the south end of Bradenton Beach, called Coquina Beach.

I really wish these photos could show you how much our girl LOVES the beach...
She is seriously 100% in love with every aspect of a beach day.
The wildlife (fish, periwinkles, crabs, and manatees we've seen), the water, and the sand... 
even the waves!

the sand: discovering periwinkles with daddy,
 and building castles for her princesses.
they are two peas in a pod out there ;) 

The next day, we went to our community pool...
where B almost certainly will abandon any toy we bring for her,
and seeks out the little boy toys to play with! Sharks and boats are her favorite...

 She and her daddy enjoyed a little pretzel-eating contest...
as I said before-- two peas in a pod, those two!
This first expression is B's "sassy face"... Which happens to be one of my favorite expressions!

 One of our favorite adventures from this weekend was visiting Tarpon Springs.
With a very thick Greek heritage, this town is really something to see!

 We enjoyed looking at the boatloads of sponges,
and we even enjoyed some Greek cuisine on the water.

 B, of course, loved watching all of the boats meander by us...

In case you're wondering about this one... She likes wands.
Like, "magic" wands. She thinks it's pretty great to cast "sweeping spells" by saying
Oh, how I love her imagination... She frequently comes to me at home, with a toy that has been placed under a "sweeping spell," and says, "Oh no, Mommy! What we gon' do?" A little kiss usually does the trick...


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend with your families...

Today, of course, we are remembering all those who gave their lives for our freedom and thanking the men & women who continue to serve. God bless you.


Joeylee said...

awesome pictures. looks like miss brynn had a great time. I'm loving that sand castle!

Natalie said...

I love these photos! She was just a beach bum waiting to be discovered!