Thursday, January 17, 2013

VIDEOS | Cousin Love

packing, packing, and more packing... that is my life right now!
but i can't complain, because we are soooo excited for our move to tampa.
i am taking a little time off today to catch up in the blog world...
i miss all of my buddies, and instagram just isn't giving me all that i need! ;)

(for the past 4 hours, i was operating under the impression that today was WEDNESDAY... again.
that's how out of touch i am with the outside world! HA!)

a day off is much needed right now.

i also just wanted to share a quick video of my niece- little A- and B playing
ring around the rosie with grammy... (mostly so PawPaw can have easy access to it)

here you go, PawPaw!

little A has also recently learned to refer to brynn as "B."
she is getting so big! we can't wait for her 1st birthday in a little over a month!

these two gals are so funny together... 
i can't wait for baby ellie to join in on all of the girly fun.
(and miles too, if he wants)

happy thursday!


Natalie said...

Awww too cute! Love these...and good luck on the packing!

Katie said...

Love watching those two cuties together! I can't believe A is almost ONE!! Where does the time go? How cute is B crawling around like her little cousin?!?! Adorable:) I've missed you around here but hope you're getting lots accomplished for the big move. Eeee!!