Sunday, October 14, 2012

the weather gods

those darn weather gods
yeah... they hate me.
no, really.
every.single.time i have something important planned,
| i.e. weddings, childbirth, baby showers, birthday parties, family photo sessions |
those weather gods always find a way to rain on my parade.

i won't go into the details... but it's soooo true.
last night, my fear of those weather gods drove me far enough
to cancel our very first family photo session, which was scheduled for today.
because those weather gods told me there was a 70% chance of rain.

this morning, i was convinced we did the right thing...
then, it turned into one very beautiful day. 
and the forecast changed to 40% chance of rain.
of course...
so, not only do those weather gods like to rain on my parade,
but they thoroughly enjoy toying with my emotions the entire day!
this resulted in a panicked text to our photographer...
and we frantically tried to get everything ready, until i took another look at the radar
those weather gods... they did it again.

 luckily, i was able to take advantage of the small chance we had to
 take a few photos while the weather was nice...

while B was napping, ozzie dog and i played in the yard.
we gathered a selection of leaves, sticks, and seeds for a potential nature craft this week.
and some of them might be making a trip to JAX
to a baby girl who needs a little autumn in her life
courtesy of her southern indiana family. ;)

after B woke up- i may have become temporarily insane-
and i was hell bent on shoving a stolen photography day
down those weather gods' throats...
we had about 30 minutes until the dark clouds started to roll in again...

so, i dressed up my two loves for a much needed 
father & daughter photo session.

| my loves |

thank you, weather gods.
that was exactly what this momma needed today! ;)
{but photos with me in them would have been fun too... just sayin'}

Scattered Horizonsand
 then, she {snapped}Ni Hao Yall


Julie Rogers said...

Those pictures are too precious! Love them:)


Joeylee said...

Awe how cute are the pics of daddy & B

Katie said...

Adorable pics of B and her daddy!!! I can't wait to see ones with mommy too though:) I'm sorry the weather ruined your pictures...what a bummer. Sounds like you still had a pretty great day though!

Lindsay said...

Awww, daddy/daughter pictures always melt my heart! So, so, SO sweet!

stephanie said...

those are great pictures!!

Natalie said...

Awww you did a great job on your photos...but so sorry the weather god toyed with you!

Lauren said...

I think next weekend you might have to squeeze in a Mommy & B photo session and have hubs behind the camera :) I have my fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate for you at your rescheduled family photo session. I'm nervous for ours... It's Nov. 10th. In Oklahoma, like many places I guess, you never know what type of weather that will mean.

Meg {henninglove} said...

very cute photos!!! love your daughter's headband. what type of dog is ozzie?

Nancy Claeys said...

I think your photos are wonderful -- thank you so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

Ahayes1225 said...

Wonderful photos!

Emily S said...

Glad you got a little window to work with! That last shot is adorable!