Friday, October 12, 2012

autumn in narnia

AUTUMN is by far my most favorite time of year...
and if there was one thing that i missed about the fall season while we lived in indianapolis,
it is definitely the gorgeous array of colors of the trees of "narnia." 
'narnia' is what my hubby calls our town, which is actually called new harmony.

during the 18 years that i grew up here, i must have taken it all for granted...
it's as if someone planned the rich contrasts of reds and oranges and yellows
with the greens and dark plums of all of the trees in town.

        |we snapped this- via golf cart- on the way to the post office|

B and i enjoyed our time carting around town this afternoon...
watching all of the squirrels scurrying around to find the latest
and greatest places to hide their treasures.
B calls them "wuirrels," and i absolutely love that.

 and there is definitely no shortage of squirrels in this town... 
which is oz's greatest guilty pleasure!
 jack russell + squirrel = temporary insanity.
it might be a good idea to remember that equation for future reference.
dna can be a very powerful thing.

 telling me all about her "yewwoe weef" (aka yellow leaf)
she is growing so fast... and those legs!
she's 89th percentile in height, which is probably not much of a surprise
for anyone who knows her daddy...

yes, we might be a far cry from the local starbucks in indy,
where my indulgence in the scents of PUMPKIN SPICE used to define the arrival of fall,
and was satisfying enough for this workaholic night-shifter...

today, we were soaking up all of the fabulous scents of autumn
... real autumn.
thank you, narnia ;)

now all you need is a starbucks, and it would feel like heaven!


Lindsay said...

Ah, I can't even imagine such beauty! I'm in South Florida and while I love that we're still going to the beach and can even do so on Christmas, I would love to know what it's like to see the leaves change colors and have actual SEASONS! "Narnia" looks beautiful!

Joeylee said...

So pretty. I love fall and all the changing colors on the trees. Love Bs outfit

Katie said...

The picture of the trees is gorgeous! I know I keep talking about how Meyer and I need to come experience New Harmony but this post is highly convincing. B is one lucky little girl to live in such a beautiful place with such a wonderful mommy to help her appreciate it!