Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cookies + daddy = love

B loves cookies...
B loves helping Daddy cook...
and since it was a not-so-great day full of teething pain and dramatic meltdowns by the dozen,
we decided to give her a special treat and put the two together.
it turned out to be a fabulous time for all!

 B enjoyed every single moment... until it was time to put the cookies in the oven!
she was not thrilled with the idea of being parted from her hard work!

 after a little begging, and some major explaining from daddy...
B got a crash course in Patience.
which is something that is obviously not in a toddler's vocabulary,
and was not a contributing chain of her DNA either... :(
after a little taste test and a warm bath,
B was ready to help Daddy read her favorite bedtime story... goodnight moon.

nothing warms my heart more than watching these two 
spend some quality time together... :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

Awww B! It's so funny how they don't understand the simplicity of things, like how we have to bake the cookies before we eat them. Bless her little heart! Adorable pictures of B and her daddy!