Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday "3" Boy

today was our nephew, Miles' 3rd birthday...

 ... and we celebrated with a party!
i'll give you one guess what the party theme was ;)


 ... and it was bad to the bone!
complete with gravedigger juice (straight from the gravedigger's engine, we were told),
and a birthday cake starring the one and only gravedigger!

 miles is definitely going to have some fun 
with all of his new monster trucks!

 auntie yay-yay + bubbles = FUN!

 happy 3rd birthday, miles jofess!
we hope you enjoyed every monster truck minute!

... and we know who will be driving everyone home
from the monster jam.

 little a!
only 15- 1/2 years until this one gets her driver's license ;)


Katie said...

Super cute and so much fun! Happy Birthday little guy:)

Joeylee said...

Cute party!!

Lindsay said...

I laughed at the juice straight from the Gravedigger's engine -- too cute! Haha. What a fun party!