Wednesday, August 1, 2012


our brynn is twenty-two months-old.
this means there are only two months until she turns 2.

We did our usual photo session in New Harmony today... I hope you enjoy the view!

this is what my view looks like the majority of the time ;)

 I'm starting to wonder if God just decided to hit "COPY, PASTE" while I was pregnant with Brynn...
It's all starting to get a little scary as she grows more into her personality.

but every day she finds a new way to melt mommy's heart, which she must get from her daddy.
we're so incredibly proud to have such a kind and spirited little girl.

while we were out snapping photos, we ran into Amanda & Arianna... which was quickly followed by Aaron, Lacy, and Miles! We had a little reunion in the middle of the street, then headed back to our house to play in B's new playroom!

miles :|: brynn :|: arianna

sweet Arianna is growing so much... and looking more like her Momma every day. 
she ended up with Daddy's blue eyes, though ;)

always an adventure.

favorite solo activity: running or coloring... it's a toss-up!
favorite mommy/daughter activity: bicycle rides (you call them "bycle wides")
favorite book: Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle
favorite animal: lions, tigers, or any other type of cat... you're obsessed
latest milestone: using your potty for the first time! {during a "practice" session}
favorite food: almond butter and honey sandwich
favorite snacks: raisins and crackers
favorite treat: chocolate animal crackers and marshmallows (both are now potty training bribes)
favorite movie: The Lion King, of course.
favorite statement: "stuck" and "I get out." (you can't sit anywhere for more than 30 seconds, even to eat!)


you are mommy's greatest and proudest adventure. you have taught me more about love, patience, and appreciation in these last 22 months than I have ever learned in my 29 years. seeing the world through your eyes is truly a gift from GOD, and i hope and pray that you will always challenge me to view your perspective. the days when i am able to stop myself from discouraging you from doing something "messy" or "reckless" are some of my favorite days... watching you experience life, and take in every precious detail at a million miles per hour, is truly a blessing. 
you are daddy's favorite person in this whole world too... and you always let him know how lucky we are to have him as our daddy :)
we can't wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday in a few months!


music: AMY STROUP "just you"


Katie said...

Oh B!! I love this post. It's crazy how you can get to know a child through these blogs. Your pictures this month turned out amazing...she just gets more beautiful each time! Happy 22 months sweet girl:)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

The pics are amazing and I know people say to dread the 'terrible twos' but I honestly loved two for my boy. It is so fun to watch them grasp language and emotion and responisbilty. It will be so fun!

Natalie said...

Awww I love these photos! These are so great...happy 22 months! Where did our babies go? 2 years sounds so big!

Meagan said...

I love her dress - as always - what a sweet baby girl. And she does look so much like you! I remember sitting down on Andrew's 2nd birthday and being amazed at what a difference that year made! They grow and change so very much between 1 and 2. And I get the spirited child part - it's hard but awesome too! :)

THE COOK'S said...

Aw, love these pictures! Our baby turns 2 on October 2nd! :) New follower.