Monday, July 30, 2012

July Sponsor Spotlight

As July comes to an end, I am extremely excited to introduce you to my fabulous sponsors from this past month! These lovely ladies play hostess to some of my favorite blogs, so if you haven't payed them a visit before... Well, you definitely should!

:|: Meagan's Musings :|:

Meet Meagan.
wife. momma to Andrew & Caroline. amazing photographer.

 When I first came across Meagan's blog, I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous photos of her extremely beautiful children...
See, what did I tell you? She has some beautiful babies!

I just can't get enough of Meagan's mommy adventures, recipes, and, of course, her photos of her kids running around her beautiful home! If you haven't stopped by, you definitely should... like, NOW!


 :|: it's the little things :|:

Meet Amanda.
wife. momma to Stella. middle-school English teacher.

The things I love most about Amanda's blog are... Her style, her fun adventures with her sweet little family, and the way she makes it all look so easy! Her letters to Stella are the sweetest too...

She's definitely an inspiration to get out and live your life... I love it, and I'm sure you will too! :)



:|: Living Like the Kings :|:

Meet Kat.
wife. fabulous mommy to Peanut.

I always love reading Kat's posts about little Peanut, who happens to be a toddler with a "strong" (as her momma puts it) personality... I can definitely identify with her experiences of having a mirror-image of your personality running around your house! It's always an adventure! :) Peanut has the most beautiful smile, and her shining personality comes through in every one of Mom's photos!

Don't just take my word for you... Stop by and see for yourself... :)



:|: Me & the M00n :|:

Meet Nicole.
 wife. momma to Kenley. photographer and Etsy shop owner (see below for link)

Nicole is an Indiana native, like myself, who happens to despise the Colts (like myself... Ha!), and loves her Notre Dame football -- which is yet another thing we have in common! She has a degree in Photography, has her own Etsy shop of beautiful bows and headbands, and hosts the blog hop Find + Follow on Friday. She's a busy lady, but always makes time to blog about her sweet baby girl's milestones! :)  

You should definitely take a peek at her shop!!


 I want to thank you ladies for sponsoring BABYBERRY this month, 
and I'm so glad to get to know each of you a little better! :)

I'm considering doing another sponsor-swap for August... If you happen to be interested, leave a comment or email me at EWEINZAP@GMAIL.COM


Amanda said...

i am so happy to be sponsored on your lovely blog, mama! i wanted to pop over and say thank you again. hope you are having a lovely week!

xo, amanda

Meagan said...

I've loved sponsoring your lovely blog! Thanks for the sweet shout out. :)