Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teaching Your Child About Special Needs: Part II

A few of you may remember WAY BACK WHEN I posted about something very dear to my heart...

That "something" being my goal to do everything in my power to give Brynn a positive perspective, and a motivation, to reach out to people who have special needs...

As we were in the check-out line at Target yesterday, a mother wheeled the most adorable little guy up behind us in his snazzy yellow chair. He was probably about 4 years-old, and he was totally zonked out-- laying back in his chair, head tilted back so far that all you could really see was his nose pointing straight up toward the ceiling... Completely oblivious to his little sister, a toddler who was about Brynn's age, in the cart behind him. She was making almost as much noise as Brynn was over in our cart!

The sight of him immediately made me smile... And before I knew it, I was letting out an almost silent, "Awwwww..."

"He's had a very long day at daycare today," his mother said with a proud smile, as she started loading all of the contents of her cart onto the register.

{excuse me while I pick my heart up off the floor... so sweet!}

Of course, it didn't take long for Brynn to spy the little boy and his sister, and she started in with her usual unprejudiced "toddler" greetings-- full of exaggeration and loud sounds, in a language that only they can really understand. :)

As both of the girls said (or rather screamed) their Hi's and Byes to each other, I looked down to see that Brynn was waving at the little boy too... He was still zonked out, but she still waved to him like he was her long-lost best friend.

 I realize that she is still too young to understand very much about the little boy and his yellow wheelchair, but it made me proud and optimistic to realize that she is the perfect blank canvas... And to provide a little knowledge and understanding to her perspective will only be too easy...
It's something that will eventually give her so much fulfillment in reaching out to these people who give so much love.

So, today-- with hope in my heart-- I finally ordered the books that have been in my "Wish List" on for over 6 months...

My Friend Isabelle

Special People, Special Ways

and, Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected- A Memoir
{for Mommy}

These children will grow up to face challenges that other children could never even imagine... And yet, many of them still overcome these challenges in the same ways that any child would.

I am thrilled to be able to do my part, as a parent, to help raise a generation who shows compassion, understanding, and generosity to those who have special needs.

I can only thank our gracious LORD for giving me the opportunity to offer this perspective to our children... and for all that He has given to me and my family.


Katie said...

Brynn is so lucky to have a mommy like you...determined to guide her in becoming a caring young lady. I love this story! Isn't it just amazing how children are naturally oblivious to these things? If it could just stay that way forever! It sounds like you are beginning to fill B's blank canvas with a very positive perspective! I admire you momma:)

Texas Tanners said...

LOVE this! I have always made it my goal to make sure that my girls look at and treat everyone as an equal no matter what. Just last week we were at the pool with a little girl who had down syndrome and Megan ran up and grabbed her hand and invited her to come play at the splash pad. The little girl was a bit older than Megan but thrilled to be included & I had to fight back tears as I watched them play while I talked with the sweet girls mama. B is so lucky to have you as a mama!

Tiffany said...

So sweet! I'm going to have to look into these books (I've heard of Bloom but haven't read it yet although I follow the blog.)

I love what you said about being a blank canvas snd a perfect opportunity to provide knowledge.

If only every parent shared that view...

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)