Friday, August 24, 2012


here is what our life has looked like lately... via instagram

the heatwave is finally GONE... and the roses are back!

the term "sweet tooth" is an understatement... she undoubtedly gets this from my side ;)
{everything is a cookie or a "cakey"}

date night... we missed our girl, but love. every. minute!

she is going through a curious phase...
... and also a "put everything in my mouth" phase. yuck.

oh, the joys of spending your days with an acrobatic, determined toddler... 
... there's nothing this girl can't get into!

the first haircut was one of our best adventures yet!

making lemon rosemary cookies for daddy...
... his favorite.

another day, another leak discovered... this one did-in the old vanity.
... cue my superhero hubby, to the rescue!

i hope you all enjoy your weekend! thanks for stopping by!

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Natalie Jane said...

Your daughter is darling!!!!

Stopping by from insta-Friday! Come visit me too!

Meagan said...

Hope y'all had a fun date night! And it looks like Brynn just wants to do what your doggy's doing! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Date nights = amazing. And that ecard is one of my faves because it is so true, toddler silence is never good!

Natalie said...

Looks like B is keeping you on your toes LOL!