Friday, May 18, 2012


happy friday!

Here is what our Insta-Life has looked like this week...

life rearranged

never leave your cream cheese bagel unattended...
it may be missing the cream cheese when you get back ;)

B thought the fence would look good with some pink stripes
leave it to B to take the "sidewalk" out of sidewalk chalk... nothing is off limits!
we might start calling it "everything-BUT-sidewalk chalk"

godmother love... playing in the dirt with Aunt Katie {aka "Taytee"}

prep work for the future... I may be taking advantage of Dora's influence while I still can! ;)

cousin love

what summer has done to B's knees ;)

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Sarah said...

What a gorgeous day - and I love your blog!

Meagan said...

Awww....cousins! And our knees look like that a lot. It's tough stuff playing outside all day. :) Happy Saturday!