Friday, April 6, 2012


I can't believe it's already Friday again... This week has gone by with lightning speed!
Here is what we've been up to this week {captured via Instagram, of course}

 Springtime morning walks with Aunt Man-Man and Baby Arianna

 Coloring... Priceless art (obviously of the Impressionist persuasion) for the fridge

Meeting the Easter bunny for the first time... "Is this guy for real?! Who are you, exactly?"
All of my pep talks about him obviously didn't sink in...

 B's 1st Egg Hunt... She ended up with two eggs, because we weren't about to compromise our morals, and we let our kid pick up her own eggs-- because that's what it's all about, right?
Unfortunately, I don't think some of the other parents there got that memo... Oh, how lovely it is to watch Greed rear its ugly head at a children's egg hunt :)
{there was a woman who was actually on her hands and knees, dragging her infant along to get as many eggs as she possibly could-- in the 0-4yrs section!! I'm sure she ended up with a few grass stains, but at least she got what she wanted, right?} I hope I don't sound too bitter and judgmental, but I just couldn't believe my own eyes... We were so happy to watch how thrilled B was with her two eggs... Proud-Parent-Moment!

Duck Pond with Miles-Man :) LOVE watching these two together...

All smiles with Grammy :) There was just too much for our girl to do to worry about photo-ops!

An attempt at a group photo

 Allen's workout buddies... LOVE these little cuties!

Our remote control's new safe haven...

 Our porch swing has been put to good use lately.

Enjoying a cracker... Getting crumbs all over the couch makes it taste even better!

I wish I had a photo from Palm Sunday, but I was busy supervising her "palm-waving" activities so that no one lost an eye... It was one of those "live in the moment"-moments ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your week!
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Brooke said...

Love the morning workout - LOl! and darn.... I totally forgot to get my kids to an easter bunny. Opps. It's creeping up too fast this year!

Brandy said...

I don't think you sound bitter at all. The egg hunt is not about getting the most Easter eggs, its about having fun and letting your kids enjoy themselves and being proud of their own accomplishments. She is just teaching her children to be greedy. Anyway... maybe I sound bitter. lol

I'm glad B had a great time! Happy Easter.

Candace said...

Android just got Instagram, and I am already obsessed. I will have to join in on this next week!

I'm with you on the egg hunt! I want Add to find a lot of eggs, but I won't touch an egg to help her. Tate finds one and he's done. AND THAT'S OKAY! It is for the kids (ALL KIDS), and I wish more parents remembered that.

Chance said...

Oh, how I love porch swings! So peaceful!

And that first Easter bunny pic is hilarious!

Natalie said...

Looks like you guys stayed busy this week! Love the last pic of B on the couch lounging and eating a cracker :)

Katie said...

I'm laughing out loud reading this! I could seriously copy and paste most of this post into my own blog. Our remote now too has a safe haven:) I love the picture of B snacking on the couch! The crumbs are killng me slowly around here. These crazy kiddos! I'm right with you on the egg hunt's all about the kids having fun! I hope your sweet little family has a happy Easter weekend.

Tiffany said...

I had to laugh about your egg hunt. I wrote almost exactly the same thing last year after our first egg hunt. It was crazy! We'll see how tomorrow's goes back at the same place- if nothing else, it makes for a great blog post! And, like your little one, our daughter is thrilled with what she finds on her own rather than having us do it all for her.