Monday, April 2, 2012

18 Months!

Spring has sprung, and I think that's also how I would describe our 1-1/2 year-old little adventurer... 
Oh, the fun we have been having! There are definitely days when I wish I could freeze this time and just enjoy every single second... I do try, but it's so difficult to take it all in! :) There are also days when I wish I could bottle the energy of an 18 month old!! Wow.

 B loves her new trike! She calls it her "car."
We have been so busy playing outdoors and enjoying this beautiful weather... Whether it be playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, golf-cart rides, walking around the block with Ozzie-Dog, playing at the park, swinging -- we have been busy, busy, busy! And those are just the days that we stay in town :)

 B, you bring us so much joy... We love watching you experience everything!
You are such a sweetheart, and you are always so happy! Your personality is so fun to watch, and your facial expressions always have everyone laughing {and you love to make people laugh}!! :)
You give the absolute BEST kisses... There is nothing better than one of your hug-around-the-neck, nose-plastered-to-nose kisses, as you giggle with delight!! Those are definitely Mommy's favorite :)

 You are the biggest helper these days too!
You also have a very good vocabulary, but you are always in such a hurry... I know that you can put together some word combinations, but I don't think you have the patience to do it all of the time. This causes a little bit of frustration, which leads to most of your "tantrums."

Speaking of no patience, your new favorite word is "Go!" which is exactly what you kept yelling in church when Daddy didn't think it would be so smart to let you go down for children's time. You definitely seem to think you know what is best for you, which makes things a little difficult when Mommy and Daddy disagree.

Fortunately, we were able to get your "Identity Profile" done at the American Red Cross Egg Hunt last weekend... Your fingerprints, stats, and photo are in the database at New York Life, which surprisingly allowed Mommy to take a big sigh of relief, if only for a second :)

weight = 24lbs {37th percentile}
height = 33 inches {85th percentile}
{UPDATE 4/5/12} Your checkup with Dr. Marx went very well... I'm sure you might disagree, considering you cried through what seems like the entire appointment; :) However, you got to show off your hand-washing knowledge, as well as your love for the bubbles that it makes... And I'm sure Dr. Marx and her staff really enjoyed being told "No" when they attempted to touch you in any way, accompanied by that infamous scowl... At one point, Mommy asked you to say "Thank you" to one of the nurses who took your weight and height, and got a very pointed "No!" in return.
Like, "Are you kidding me, Mom? She just tortured me for two whole minutes!"

{The good news is that you received your very last vaccinations until you go to Kindergarten!! This makes Mommy oh-so-thrilled! I'm sure you won't remember how painful they were, but Mommy will always remember your facial expressions {of complete betrayal}, your sweet tears, and how you would cling to me for dear-life after the nurses left-- you wouldn't even let go long enough to put your clothes back on!}

There are days when you are quite the stereotypical little girl, but there are also days when Mommy sees the tomboy start to come out ;) You love to "tinker" with things to figure out how they work {which is something you definitely get from your daddy}, and you are also running everywhere you go...

Going down for naps is getting a little easier as the days go by, but you seem bound-and-determined not to miss a thing... I'm hoping that the home improvements that will be going on in the next month or two won't make things harder!!

{golf ball sized hail}
{Due to the terrible hailstorm that came through a few weeks ago, we are getting a new roof on the entire house and garage, as well as new gutters... I don't anticipate that to be a "quiet" or "nap-friendly" activity to be going on around us for days at at time, so we're probably going to have to find a new place to nap that week}

I can't wait to see what Miss B has in store for us in the next month!

Happy, Happy 18 Months Brynn!!


Blissfully Burton said...

She is just beautiful! And I love that fun bike! :)

Joeylee said...

Happy 18 months brynn. She is too cute

Roz said...

Emi's mini me, aka: the cutest B in the world!! Happy 18 months! Looks like you are having tons of fun in NH! love & miss you!! -Auntie Roz

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

aw, happy 18 months to that beautiful little girl - she sounds like such a joy!

Natalie said...

Happy 18 months big girl! I just had my roof replaced for the very same reason so I feel your pain. She is getting so big!

Katie said...

Happy 18 months B! You are looking so grown up in these pictures, and as cute as ever! You and Meyer man are almost exactly the same size. I'm glad you are enjoying the awesome weather around here:)

April Lou said...

She is adorable. Love the yellow dress. This is my first visit to your blog! I am now following :). Have a super day!

Jenny said...

So cute! They grow up so fast! Just wanted to let you know I featured your coffee filter wreath on Lovely Things Thursday!
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