Wednesday, February 29, 2012

17 Months... Living Life in Fast-Forward!

Right now, I am wondering if any of my other blog-buddy mommies to toddlers are feeling as exhausted as I am feeling these days?! Ha! Like you're living your life in super-duper fast-forward!!
I feel like I begin each day wondering how I'm going to keep up, and end the day wondering how I did!! STOP the toddler insanity!! :)

B, you are ALL about testing our patience these days... There is no longer any such things called cooperation, sitting in one place for more than 3 seconds, or "listen"ing to Mommy {or Daddy, or Grammy, et al}.
... Needless to explain, it is increasingly difficult not to resort to using negative "No, no, NOOOOOOOOOO!"  reinforcement during the really frustrating times!! But I am also relishing in the moments where I can say, "Mommy is so proud of you because..."-- And I LOVE the way that you respond to that!

My parents seem to get a kick out of watching B assert her "independence"... It seems that when they say "you get it back," they are exactly right! You are definitely Mommy's mini-me in so many ways, but you also have such a sweet-side that reminds me so much of your daddy--- and you have his cute dimples :)

But, you are getting smarter by the day. We are so proud to watch you grow and learn so many new things. I love watching how eager you are to do things that you see Mommy or Daddy do... It's so heartwarming!

B, you are definitely our sunshine every day...

 You're zero to sixty in 5.2...

 You're a constant string of "peek-a-boos"

You have learned to recruit Oz {"Pup-Pup"}, so that he can at least share the blame...

I cannot believe how quickly these 17 months have gone by... Everyone that knows you and loves you has commented about your transformation into a "big girl" in this last month!

Holding your new cousin, Arianna, today {who weighs in at 6lbs, 2oz- just like YOU}, made me so sentimental to think at how much you have grown since your birth day. :)

For a trip down memory lane, GO HERE!

The "Wilson" Girls

 Here are a few of Mommy's {and B's} favorite things that have helped us keep our sanity during this fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle...


Oh, Miss B! You are a barrel of laughs each day and I can't wait to see what these next few months will bring us!! We love you so much!



Natalie said...

Seriously, 17 months already? Man it comes and goes way too fast! These toddlers are non stop! I do try to keep Nolan busy in the morning by going out somewhere, and it does seem to help burn energy.

Joeylee said...

Wow it seems like you were just posting about her 1st birthday & now she's 17 months already. It goes by quick. Keira just turned 15 months today

Katie said...

Oh little miss B! Keeping your momma busy just like the Meyer man. You two would have a blast together! I can't believe it's been almost a year and half since our babies were born. Time really does fly right by! Happy 17 months sweet girl!

Lauren said...

I can't believe we're at 17 months ourselves tomorrow... Life is a whirlwind these days, I completely feel you! It really does seem like one day you look at them and think "they are so big, when did this happen?". One day they are still a baby, and the next full-blown toddler. It seems like overnight.

We haven't tried those Earth's Best products. I might have to snag some next time I'm at the store - you can never have too much food in the house I'm learning :)

Amanda said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! I found you via Simply Adapting's Blog Hop! and am your newest follower! Loving the blog! Happy 17 Months B!!

stephanie said...

17 months already?! and if it's possible she gets cuter every day!!